Augmented reality car windows alleviate child boredom

August 2nd, 2011 in .Family Tech .News & Events
Mrs Mario
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Toyota has recently announced a new system that has been designed in conjunction with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.  This utterly amazing technological invention turns car windows into interactive screens that children can use to play, learn and have fun while on long car journeys.

The Window to the World concept uses augmented reality to transform your bog standard window glass into an interactive display. Kids can interact with the outside world, learn about objects they pass, and even draw objects  that will work with the movement of the car.

The technology is likely to allow you to work out where distant landmarks are, the distance between them, auto-translate signs, and stop the cries of “I’m booored” from the back seat. Well, probably for a little while anyway.

This is a truly awesome concept and one that looks set to bring us one step closer to the Internet of Things, the interconnected world, and the power of augmented reality.

What do you think? Brilliant invention that inspires and excites? Or is this a terrifying glimpse into a machine-controlled future?

I, for one, am utterly entranced by it and the video is pure genius.

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