The key stage 2 ICT curriculum

August 26th, 2011 in .Family Tech
Mrs Mario
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asus eee pc x101The National Curriculum for ICT in Key Stage 2 follows the same lines as that in Key Stage 1. Children learn how to work with technology to find things out, develop ideas, make things happen,and  learn how to exchange and share information.

The National Curriculum for ICT in key stage 2 works under the four headings of Finding things out, Developing ideas and making things happen, Exchanging and sharing information, and Reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses. Parents can work alongside these strictures to support their children’s understanding of the curriculum and to help them grow and improve.

As a parent we can have such an influence on how our children learn and how much fun they have doing so, and by working with them to develop their ICT skills you can really make them shine.

Currently the curriculum is undergoing some changes so the elements of ICT that have, to date, been separate and distinct, are now being incorporated into other subjects. This is a superb amendment as children can now see how technology can be used to inform and educate across all their subjects.

As a parent you are allowed to ask your school for a breakdown on how they are going to be tackling the curriculum. If you do this, then you will be in a great position to work with your kids in areas that they have difficulty with and in new areas that they enjoy. And you get to boost their learning at school.

One tactic that has had great results, according to experts, is to merge real world activities with online learning. Children really do respond well to seeing and touching what they are studying so you can blend your online studies with outdoor activities. So consider making it a treasure hunt. They need to find answers to your questions both online and off and they get a reward at the end when they deliver the goods.

Another ideas is to have them make something that needs them to collect items from the internet and the real world. Why not ask them to find a recipe, get the ingredients, and help you prepare it. That way they are working on specific elements in the curriculum and having fun at the same time. The reward, of course, is the scrummy food at the end.

If you haven’t started a blog with them yet, then now is definitely the time to do so. We’ve listed some excellent blogging sites for kids here that are safe and secure for children. Blogging is a brilliant way of keeping children entertained while also giving them a private outlet for creativity. And, of course, it has the added advantages of brushing up on their writing and reading skills.

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