To PC or not PC, that is the question!

March 13th, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products .Video
Nick Holland
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With a ‘full’ Intel Core i5 mobile CPU and Windows 7, the Eee Slate is one of the few devices that gives the real PC experience, while not being a PC.

Microsoft has put together a helpful website to explain the differences for those wanting to better understand the specific experience differences of Windows 7 on the Eee Slate EP121. However, ASUS has also put together some real-life videos (look up the artist!) showing Eee Slate users taking advantage of the new medium. Check these out and let us know your favourite!

You can see all these videos and more in the ASUS YouTube channel and remember to let us know your favourite, in the comments below!

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    Asus should adjust the ergonomy of the Eee slate EP121 design by providing the same kind of Keyboard dock station as the Eee pad transformer so the user can get more battery life, because this is one of the major issue of the Eee slate. Also as suggested earlier, I also recommend that Asus to put a double or triple SD card slots in this device.