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January 4th, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products
Nick Holland
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EP121 – Designed for the demanding

Previously announced at Computex 2010 as the Eee Pad EP121, the recently renamed Eee Slate EP121 is already known to world as the first 12 inch tablet built with a beautiful aluminium body. However this time around I’ve got my hands on some final hardware for a very quick test!

ASUS explained the design uses a mobile Intel Core i5 CPU under the cover, with Windows 7 stored onto its SSD. Just like its other tablets, the Eee Slate comes with expandable storage from microSD too.

The ‘Slate’ designation means it’s for professional and business users: those who want more than a basic tablet or phone OS. Windows 7 might not be the first choice for some, but it does have the advantage of massive software and driver support for any common USB peripheral, as well as being able to use the software you already own. There’s obviously proper multitasking (as you would on your PC or laptop) and business level integration into existing corporate systems. With a wealth of 10 inch happy-go-lucky tablets out there for casual consumers, ASUS will surely have a huge impact on the largely uncatered for professional market.


That looks seriously tasty!

It packs a stylus/digitizer that pops out the corner as well, because ASUS knows that while Windows 7 works fine with a finger better than any previous Microsoft OS, it isn’t exactly designed for the touchscreen interface from the ground up. Think of it as a notebook, but with a different user model. One that won’t be thrust into your gut during a flight, when the guy in front rams his chair back!

eee slate ep121

The keyboard switch, orientation switch and power switch.

The 12.1 inch LED-backlit display is capacitive (the better kind) so it gives a hard, scratch resistant surface to work on. It comes packing 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0, as well as other functional ports like mini-HDMI and USB for a multitude of peripherals too.

eee slate ep121

You can run any Windows software you use on any PC: think games, flash, Office.. the lot!

The Eee Slate EP121 feels very solid to hold and the textured plastic on the back not only looks great, it makes a pleasant change from the usual gloss. Practically speaking it also makes it more difficult to slip from your hands too. It won’t be for everyone, but as I said before it gives choice and innovation in a market likely flooding with tablets this quarter, which is always good for the consumer.

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  • Markus Kucken

    Does the EP121 have a docking station like the Eee Pad Transformer?

  • Challenger Dave

    Give us specs…
    Battery life?
    WiFi only, or 3G or 4G?


    Asus should adjust the ergonomy of the Eee slate EP121 design by providing the same kind of Keyboard dock station as the Eee pad transformer so the user can get more battery life, because this is one of the major issue of the Eee slate. Also as suggested earlier, I also recommend that Asus to put a double or triple SD card slots in this device.
    Last point – Next Eee slate ep121 for 2012 could be thinner than this model !