When is a pad not a pad?

April 2nd, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products
Mrs Mario
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eee pad transformer dockWell, the answer to that particular question is – when it’s a Transformer. The Eee Pad Transformer is more than just a tablet, it offers a great deal of scope for the commuter and here is why…

The Eee Pad Transformer is first and foremost a tablet. A tablet that has the capacity and the features to sit very comfortably on the starting line along with the other heavyweights in this sector. The 10.1 inch screen size, the 1280×800 resolution, the Nvidia dual-core Tegra 2 chip, 1GB of memory and Micro SD card expansion capabilities all ensure that it will handle itself beautifully on the go.

However, the ingenious keyboard dock is something that truly sets the Eee Pad Transformer apart. ASUS have put a lot of thought into it, ensuring that it clicks neatly and effortlessly into position while also closing tightly onto the pad for quick getaways.

eee pad transformer dockThe two halves of the pad and the dock close perfectly and you don’t need to latch it or secure it in order to keep it closed when you travel around. Neat and effective. The keyboard and it’s neat docking facilities also mean that you can transform (he he) the Eee pad into a netbook at a moment’s notice.

This, plus the excellent battery life, make it ideal for long commutes, travel and most business needs. Whether you be in a meeting or writing a proposal on the train, the Transformer will rise to the occasion. The keyboard dock also has its own 24.4Wh lithium polymer battery so it takes the pad from the 9.5 hours of standard use right up to 16 hours. Very handy for long use while travelling and for eking out those extra minutes.

I am very impressed with this additional feature, in case you hadn’t noticed that yet, and I think that the cost is well worth the benefits that the keyboard dock offers.

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