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April 13th, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products
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eee pad transformer

There has been plenty of hype around the launch of the Eee Pad Transformer but what exactly does this monster hold under its hood? Well, I know I have touched on some of the essential features of the Transformer, such as the screen real estate, the weight, and the awesome keyboard dock, but there are plenty of other lovely features too.

The Eee Pad Transformer boasts an Nvidia Tegra 2 1.0GHz Dual Core CPU and offers full HD at 1080p along with support for 5.1 channel surround sound. The screen consists of an IPS panel with an ultra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and a 16:10 golden ratio.

The keyboard comes with full QWERTY and touch pad input with Polaris Office, and the Eee Pad Transformer kit includes unlimited ASUS WebStorage plus 16/32 GB eMMC, USB, Micro SD and HDMI ports too.

The Android Honeycomb operating system has full Adobe 10.2 Flash support (which is a huge relief)and you get MyCloud, MyNet and MyLibrary included in the rich content of this package. I will be going into more detail as to what those are in a later post, I promise.

eee pad transformerOther notable features include a 1.2MP camera for easy video conferencing, a 5MP camera for photographing or taking videos (complete with an Augmented Reality application), a 40-pin connector port for charging the battering or connecting to the PC to sync data and a 3.5mm audio jack.

These features combine to deliver a mini-cinema for your entertainment as you travel, work and live. They are also equally capable of ensuring seamless connectivity for work and the handling of various applications simultaneously. For both mobile and entertainment needs, the Eee Pad Transformer is a multitasking wonder.

Not only that, but you can also appreciate the 3D graphics support that will get you mobile 3D game playability on the move. You may look a bit mad waving your tech about in the air, but you won’t care because you will definitely be having way too much fun.

This particular pad offers you a wealth of features in a neat and light package that’s already turning heads across the UK. Will you be the next addict?

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  • Andrew Kindred

    Regarding the camera you said “(complete with an Augmented Reality application)”…

    Where is this?

    I’ve had my transformer a few days now and havn’t seem it?

  • Ryan Kennett

    Andrew, try layar or google goggles, both are AR apps. I don’t know know which one is the bundled one they mean though, as neither of these are on the device by default!

    What I’d like to know is what the actual details of 1080p video playback are, as my Transformer does not even play 720p videos from youtube smoothly. I have tried many different videos, from downloaded mkvs and avis in both standard and high def, as well as rips of DVDs I own, using various different bits of software. Nine files out of ten failed to either play, or would play so slowly they were unwatchable. Only some low definition mp4 files have worked straight away, so overall, I’m disappointed.

    So far I haven’t had much luck with video playback, so I’d go to far to say that calling this a ‘mini cinema’ is quite a long way from the truth. Perhaps it’s the immaturity of honeycomb/tegra 2 chips, but videos have a rubbish picture, or a nice picture but terrible framerate. I haven’t managed what I would call a ‘good HD’ picture with a solid framerate yet, so I’d be interesting to see if Asus has any pointers for encoding settings (so I can see this mythcal 1080p video in action on my Transformer), or at the very least a link to a video that should show off the capabilites of the Transformer.

    I can provide examples of files that don’t work as they should if required.

  • Zac Clemans

    I hope this is /s