The birth of the Republic of Gamers

December 12th, 2009 in .PC Components .Products
Gogo Ubari
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How ASUS’ Republic of Gamers motherboards, laptops and graphics cards became essential to gaming fans

The Birth of a Republic of Gamer

ASUS has a long history with the design and manufacture of motherboards and graphics cards, and is constantly looking for new ways to innovate in this highly competitive market. In fact ‘competition’ is the key word, for where better to seek inspiration than in an area that pushes PC components to their limit?

Gamers demand the very best performance from their PCs and expect no less than rock-solid reliability from every part. Merely ‘good’ isn’t good enough though, since only the very best components can stand up to the rigours of high-resolution, highframe rate gaming — and overclocking just adds to the punishment. To meet this demand, ASUS formed the Republic of Gamers (ROG) in 2006. Through technological innovation, design, extensive gaming and overclocking R&D, ASUS has been able to develop motherboards and graphics cards that set new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

ROG components are now the preferred choice for gaming champions worldwide isn’t it about time you joined them?

Max power motherboards

ASUS ROG Maximus III motherboards come in two flavours — Formula and GENE. While both offer the same set of essential gaming features, their different form factors make them suited to different PC users. Hardcore gamers and early adopters will love the leading-edge specifications and flexible expansion options offered by the ASUS Maximus III Formula, while case modders and gamers on a budget may find the ASUS Maximus III GENE more to their taste. Whichever model you choose, if you’re serious about gaming, ASUS ROG Maximus III motherboards deliver the performance and stability you demand.

ASUS Xtreme Design Global Submit London

Developing the very best PC components means understanding the needs of users and ASUS is always keen to connect with its customers. In August, ASUS held the first ever Xtreme Design Global Summit in London. Twenty users spent an afternoon sharing their thoughts with the ASUS R&D team, tinkering with the latest ASUS hardware and pitting their gaming skills against the region’s media. Participants came away with a selection of ASUS prizes and the event was the first of four to be held around the world. To find out about other legs of the ASUS Xtreme Design Global Summit, and have a chance to win more prizes, follow ASUS on Twitter at

Great Graphics Cards

Whether you’re a no-expense-spared gamer or on a tight budget, ASUS has a graphics card to suit. Overclockers are well served by ASUS graphic cards and the ROG MATRIX ENGTX285 has innovative features that will meet the needs of the most demanding gaming enthusiasts, from its unprecedented overclocking capacity and increased thermal efficiency to a durable design that’s suitable for a variety of PC chassis sizes.

Gaming on the Go

If you need high-end gaming performance in a portable, then ASUS’ ROG laptops offer the ideal solution. The ASUS G51 and ASUS G60 laptops both offer outstanding specifications and astonishing levels of performance, with 3DMark06 benchmark scores that come in around three times higher than typical 15″ laptops. Gamer-centric design features like backlit keyboards and high-quality 3D positional audio ensure an immersive in-game experience, wherever you may be.

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