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Keep Out

Jamie –

This is a sponsored post brought to you, in part, by those lovely folk over at ASUS.  A while back they gave me one of their new Eee Pad Transformers to use in my everyday life (as opposed to my everyotherday life) and let you know the results.  It’s a lovely bit of kit and I’ve loved using it, but there is one person in the house that has loved it even more than me, my six year old daughter Kaede.

She’s stolen it to make YouTube videos, she’s posed for it on an empty Tower Bridge, in fact I’m fairly sure she now thinks it is actually her own property.  She has her favourite games on it and is quite often found squirreled away somewhere playing Bubble Blast.  There are so many free apps to download on the Android Market that I’m always going to be guaranteed a way to keep her quiet, a godsend.

This week she decided that the Eee Pad could solve one of her biggest problems – her brother.  Apparently he keeps going in to her room and making it untidy, believable enough, well believable enough until you consider that the photo underneath is an example of what she considers tidy.

Anyway, she has decided that she needs a warning sign that will let him know he is no longer welcome in her room.  The Polaris Office software that comes pre-loaded on the Eee Pad comes with a Presentation option, so I decided to let her get on with it.  I gave her a quick run through on what buttons did what until she rather impatiently told me that she had ‘got it’.

She seemed to get on with it quite well, I think the instinctiveness of using a touch screen came to her a lot quicker than using the click and drag of the PC.  Several draft versions were discarded before she eventually plumped for the final version below.

I’m not sure it’s going to do the trick, I’m even less sure if I will notice the difference even if it does, but she enjoyed making it and proved, yet again, how easy the Eee Pad is to use.  Now all I have to do is steal it back from her.

ASUS have also just launched a competition to give away an Eee Pad Transformer. All you have to do is visit this link , comment on any one of the Eee Pad blogs there and Bob’s your Uncle, you get entered into a prize draw. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness that is fantastic! I have a 6 year old and the speed that they pick up using technology these days is unbelievable! Fingers crossed for her that her master Polaris Office plan works a treat! ;)

  • Fred Schellenberg

    Wish I would have had my xfmr when I was her age:)

  • Paula Phillips

    Kids will love this, as do I.

  • Paul Wilson

    Does it work the same way on semi-computer literate parents? :)