ASUS Eee PC 1215N is one beefed up netbook

Nick Holland
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The proverbial netbook that ASUS first launched in 2007 has never been a heavy power hitter – the Intel Atom core has always offers basic computing, in a cute form factor and at a price many can afford. ASUS’ Eee PC netbooks have gone from strength to strength and now caters for an range that extends from 9 to 12 inches.

After recently launching its first AMD netbooks, at the high end ASUS has just pushed the boundaries further with the Eee PC 1215N.  It features the latest Intel Atom D525 – a dual core CPU with HyperThreading at an improved 1.8GHz, that uses faster and lower power DDR3 memory. The Achilles heel for Atom CPUs is their graphics core though. While suitable for basic computing needs, for a 12 inch notebook with HD capable monitor there was need for an upgrade.

Eee PC 1215N KeyPad

ASUS Eee PC 1215N Keyboard

ASUS engineers used Nvidia’s next generation Ion to beef up the graphics, but thanks to its Optimus Technology it’ll only turn on and use power when needed. For example, if you’re watching a movie, playing a 3D or Flash game, then the Ion graphics will power up to give you a smoother, more vivid experience. However if you’re just answering your email, checking Flickr, Facebook or reading blogs then it’ll power down entirely, saving your battery.

The Eee PC 1215N also packs in either a 250GB or 320GB internal hard drive, but if that’s not enough ASUS gives you 500GB of Webstorage, and a pair of USB 3 ports for super-fast external drives too!

Eee PC 1215N Side

Eee PC 1215N features both HDMI and d-sub outputs, as well as USB 3.

At just 1.4KG it’s small and light enough to be thrown in a bag or rucksack and carried anywhere. What makes the 1215N more attractive than, say, a smaller netbook is that 12 inches offers more screen real-estate to use, and a slightly bigger keyboard and wrist-rest that’s just less cramped to use.

While the 1215N is competing against the Intel ‘CULV’ ultra-thin laptop territory, the two are not appealing to an equal market: If you need more CPU horsepower then definitely grab the ultra-thin CULV with Intel Core 2 Duo, but the Atom CPU in the 1215N is lower power which should yield a better battery life, and Nvidia’s Ion graphics are always better for gaming. More choice for us consumers is always welcome!

The 1215N is rumoured to hit around September time so you’ve still got time to decide if you want an Atom+Ion, or CULV powered ultra-thin and highly portable laptop.

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  • A.J.

    Asus needs to add the Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 wireless multi-band network adapter, thus we would have connectivity to both WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks (I would like to use it with my CLEAR 4G WiMAX Service)

  • Sara

    We need to have a side-by-side comparison between the ASUS-Lamborghini VX6 vs. ASUS Eee PC 1215N. It would be nice to have the Intel Adv.-N WimAx 6250 adapter in the VX6 netbook with solid-state drive (Lamborghini one should have faster components like SSD, Intel WiMax & Next Generation ION with 512MB DDR3 + 16 CUDA Cores).

  • Teemu Milto

    Are its dimensions smaller than that of the 1201N?

  • noro

    I wish it would looks exactly like on the photo (WITHOUT THE UGLY EEPC LOGO!!!!!) then I would buy one!

  • Nick

    Teemu – Yes they are both 12 inches in size, but I don’t have exact dimensions.

    Noro – That’s just a marketing overlay picture Asus put in to tell you what the product it. It doesn’t *actually* have it on the one you buy.