Milan Design Week: The power of the senses

April 8th, 2011 in .News & Events
Mrs Mario
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asus senses remix

It is amazing how much impact the world can have on the senses. How much we can influence our lives by using our senses to experience it to the fullest, to capture a moment in its intensity. ASUS have created a simply stunning series of videos to tie in with their Senses Remix campaign at Milan Design Week, each one playing a different instrument with the same score.

First we have Celesta – light, sweet, haunting – taking you through the imagery with a deft touch. You feel whimsical and happy. The clarinet version brings out something higher, making you pause for a moment, asking you to think about the images on the screen.

Flute follows the tune with light and delicate footsteps, turning the imagery and song into an almost childlike enjoyment of life. The video using the glockenspiel is delightfully sweet and reminiscent of laughter and bubbles, carrying a mood of anticipation and hope.

The guitar turns the music into something more serious, almost sad, asking you to think about moments that caused you to pause and reflect. The images evoke thoughts of the past, hopes for the future, things we miss. It is my favourite of the series if I am honest.

asus senses remix

Then the harp takes the dominant note, in this video (still with the same series of reflective images as the others) you almost feel regal. This could be the soundtrack to a movie documenting your life. It’s sad and happy, rich and light.

Finally you get the marimba and the piano. The former is an unusual counterpoint to the music. The marimba brings a depth of tone that asks you to close your eyes and dream. The piano, a classic tone in any form, is beautiful with this music. It has a lovely mood that could be interpreted in any way you choose.

That’s just the music for these stunning movies for Milan Design Week. The images are something else entirely. They have been chosen to evoke, inspire, and encourage. They can be interpreted in any way you choose. Your senses are unique, and your experience will be too.

ASUS Senses Remix. It’s all about the senses.

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