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December 19th, 2011 in .News & Events
Matt Black
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In search of incredible has chosen its winner; Daniel Hedlund from USA. Here’s his story:

Feel sorry for cancer cause I just kicked it’s butt. Or so I think. I’m not really sure. That’s my incredible story. I live my life not knowing what the future holds. I guess we all do to an extent, but I guess you could say that I live my life with a bit more uncertainty than the average Joe. I live my life three months at a time. That’s how often I go back in for scans to see if my bone cancer has returned. It has twice. But here I sit…still alive, for whatever reason. Twenty rounds of chemo, 10 surgeries, and 4 years later. I found out the news 3 weeks after I had been married. That reminds me of another incredible thing. My wife. She went to school, got a degree, worked to support the family, all while maintaining the home while I was sick. Incredible. She even tells me I look good bald. Very incredible. It’s incredible that I had a stage four cancer, and I’m still alive. It’s incredible that the doctors thought I would lose a leg, and I didn’t. It’s incredible that they gave me a 30 percent chance to live, and here I am.

Congratulations – the voting public thought your story is truly incredible, and we do too. Daniel now has the chance to turn his incredible story into a short film, with a professional film crew at his disposal.

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    • Vishal

      Truly Incredible.