USB 2.0 Playback on the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 media player

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Playing media from the USB 2.0 slot on the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 couldn’t be simpler. Just slot the media into the back of the device and watch as it appears under the Video icon on the Home screen. If you’ve set up your network, then you’ll be able to switch between DLNA and the removable disk.

Click on the Removable Disk option and you’ll be taken through to the folder menu where all items loaded onto the device will appear. A preview of the items will appear in the box on the right. Select the media you want and press OK.

I had a movie loaded up (entirely legally) onto my USB 2.0 drive so I went straight in. I was impressed. There is no stuttering or image loss that would cause you pause or make you feel like you were watching an ancient grainy movie, and there are no issues with the speed either.

The movie played seamlessly with sound matching video in terms of quality. There is a minimal loss compared to the movie on the original disc with a slightly darker sheen to the USB played movie. It isn’t poor and wouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the media at all.

Overall I was impressed with the fact that this played perfectly. I had no issues with video and sound, and definitely not a judder or a shake as it played directly from the device plugged into the BDS-700.

The remote controls that you use to navigate DVDs apply here as well, so moving through play, pause and forward are the same and intuitive.  I was impressed. I hadn’t expected this level of quality at all and I did have a sneaky suspicion that it wouldn’t be that easy to get it started or setup. But plug and play it is.

When you’ve spent your day working like mad, the last thing you want to do is work on your media player and the ASUS O!Play delivered like a champion.

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  • Anonymous

    As nobody has answered my question I will post it again:Ok, so the important stuff is when is it being released in the UK and how much does it cost.
    Reviews are a waste of time if you can’t actually get the item :-) In fact allow me to shout this so you might take notice.OK, SO THE IMPORTANT STUFF IS WHEN IS IT BEING

    GET THE ITEM :-) If you don’t know at least have the good grace to admit it and let us know.
    Call me a cynic if you would
    like but I can make up a review about a piece of kit which is never going to be

    In fact I have built a great
    one of these using just a piece of blue tack and a lemon. It has loads more
    features and will retail for 1/8th of the price of this one. Trouble is I have
    no release date. But it is the best and nothing will be able to beat it. It
    also comes with a built in time machine and gives the user super human
    powers.  It will instantly transform you
    in to a millionaire.

    It also makes you totally irresistible to the opposite sex with the special new chip
    that was invented last week by a lizard.
    I will review more of the features as I make them
    up discover them.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I have just noticed that it is lemon 8.001 (Using the new PIP & PITH (P&P) operating system) with USB 15 3/4  capabilities which means that you don’t even have to plug in your USB stick in to it. As long as it is in your house / office it can read it. You don’t even have to have any media on the stick, as long as you though about putting some on, it will read it.

  • Anonymous

    Heya! I am sorry, I wasn’t ignoring your plea for information I was waiting on specific release date and price details so I could answer you in detail. As yet I have not had confirmation on this info but will let you know as soon as I do.