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ASUS EEE Pad Transformer; Brown Bag – Yesstyle

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When device with the name like female hygiene supplement came out last year and geeks insisted on shoving tent poles into cement cracks on sidewalks eight hours before the fruit store opened, I was still MEH-ing about the necessity of such devices – as lieutenant of the 21st Century sceptics, why it’s my duty. Email, movies, music on the go, yay, like I need another thing to bother me from concentrating on walking on my super fashionista 5 inch heels that lets me breath the same airspace as the rollerbladers. All I thought was the second generation coming out with phone functions and chuckled at the eventual image of people holding up a huge tablet on their cheeks to call friends and smearing foundation on the screen. Yes yes, that’s the extent of my imagination. Dinosaurs evolved into Pokemon, same thing.

I received an email from an ASUS representative a few weeks ago that introduced the new ASUS transformer and asked if I’d like one. Koreans say you go bald when you like free stuff, I guess I should invest in a good wig soon. I had no idea, when I said yes with the same ‘meh ok’ attitude, that I’ll be carrying this buster around EVERYWHERE. I still swear by paperback and would someday like to own a Beauty & the Beast-esque library, but the fact that I didn’t need a mediocre night-light to read, or that I can pop in an earplug while reading and set the morning alarm when my eyes blur out won me over completely. The best thing about it is that the system is Android, I know Graphic Designer are all about Apple and stuff but I liked Apple before the tree conceived the fruit and now I’ve grown out of it.

What I know for sure is that gadgets like this will be taking us into the next generation of interaction and augmented reality – it’s really worth an investment if only for Angry Birds in bed.

Boo you whore (Mean Girls 2004)

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  • Simeon Baker

    Suppose you could carry it around – but it’s a fair weight. Good pics showing off what the old Transformer can do … 

  • elan advertising

    …and the last pic shows you can still use it as a mirror….when will they learn?

  • Benjamin Ady

    Thank you for reviewing it.  Lucky you–getting a free one! =).  Thanks for including all the great pics.  I’m curious about how the keyboard feels–is it easy to touchtype?  I so hope I win one–I’ve sort of fallen in love with the idea of it, but … alas, can’t really afford one right now.

  • Tracey Rollings

    well done on winners so far, i ve jut been reading up on these transofrmers they sound brilliant  off to share again on fb for you

  • Daniel Flaherty

    Now this is what you call a transformer. Michael Bay will be weeping in admiration.

  •örn-Emcke/100000302018857 Björn Emcke

    The Transformer dock to the tablet is a unique product design. When it was first introduced I always thought it to be a one of a kind moments much like the first time the Wii was shown.  Excellent idea and marvellously executed at a reasonable price. Good work all the way.

  • Sarah Sheen

    I really love the idea of this. When my boyfriend first showed me it, I thought, “oh, another tablet computer” and “heh, cool. Android”. But when I found out about the detachable keyboard, all my “oooo shiney” squeals came out. I mean, I love my laptop, but if I could take off the keyboard and make it half the size and weight, it would probably have left the house more often than it has in the last 3 years…
    It is a great price, probably no more expensive than a small netbook. But to be able to effectively have two gadgets in one makes any cash strapped gadget freak wet their pants. Plus, I have been converted over to the ways of the ‘Droids… Little aliens are cute…and their tech way more advanced.

  • Jess Mandeville

    I’ve always thought the same thing about tablets, but this one does look appealing.

  • Jess Mandeville

    I’ve always thought the same thing about tablets, but this one does look appealing.

  • Katie C

    Great highlight of this Apple alternative. I loved the review of this blog, really appealed to me as a female consumer. It’s very attractive and small enough to carry … I loved that it can be docked to be used more like a conventional laptop … I’d love to have one to try of my own :)

  • Dave Rimmer

    Looks amazing, I like the fact that you can use it as a Tablet say for you, and attach the keyboard for the kids, stop the smudge marks lol, but no seriously nice bit of kit.


    The photos are great! I believe it’s because of the Transdormer’s screen. It’s GOOD!

  • Philip St

    With a 10″ screen, it’s more a netbook replacement than laptop.

    The keyboard dock is the real apple-squeezer, adding USB ports and an SD card port – plus another battery to give more playtime than any fondle-slab.

    And remember, trouble telling left from right is the only excuse for having turquoise nails on one hand.