The Transformer Transforms: More Things To Find On Your Asus Eee Pad

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The Transformer Transforms: More Things To Find On Your Asus Eee Pad

Dragging myself away from Angry Birds proved to more difficult than you might think but when I finally did, it turned out that the Transformer has a few areas of interest just as involving as flinging little round flying creatures at distinctly unimpressed pigs.


It perhaps comes as no surprise that the Transformer comes with YouTube’s app ready-installed. Asus’ tablet runs on the Android Honeycomb operating system produced by Google who also own the video-sharing service. What is a surprise is that YouTube on Android comes with a nice slick interface which displays featured videos on a nice rotating wall (above) for easy viewing. It appears that Google’s various departments have got their heads together and knocked up something rather nice – hardly a given in recent times. Sharing videos you’ve found is, as you might expect, a simple job and the searching is as responsive as it is on the main site.


One of the Transformer’s USPs is the keyboard dock which turns the device from tablet to mini-laptop (hence the name ‘Transformer’, see what they did there?). The docked result (above) is still small enough to carry round and when folded looks smart and modern. The keyboard though just doesn’t seem to have the same build quality as the tablet. The docking mechanism is simple, manual and a bit clunky and if you don’t get it aligned exactly the tablet refuses quite adamantly to park itself. You can also click the ‘lock’ button into place without actually securing the keyboard meaning an embarrassing ‘drop’ if you pick the contraption up by its top half. That said, once docked, the keyboard is a useful tool to have when a long piece of typing is required.


This might seem like an obvious one but indulge me for a second: there is a simple joy to be had in changing your wallpaper, particularly on a high-resolution tablet. Hold your finger over any image you find in the browser and the option pops up or, like me, build a store of classic film images to rotate through.

What happened Charlie?

Yes, I do like 30 Days Of Night enough to have it as a background. Shame about the lack of heads though.

Stupid Zombies

Like Angry Birds but with a man, in a vest, with a gun. And zombies. Has someone been watching Army Of Darkness by any chance? Now then, just… one… more… go…

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  • darkonex

    This tablet looks pretty sweet, I think once the bugs get worked out in the OS it will be one of the top contenders for sure. 

  • Anonymous

    I cannot wait to get one of these things in my grubby little hands.

  • Cosmin Jelea

    I waaaaaaaant one! I am seriously impressed by the usefulness of this little thing!

  • Spizmo

    Wow, had my eye on an ipad but this looks like it can do sooo much more!! WANT ONE :D


    Boys and their toys yes from one transformer to another… But seriously when you see the ipdas and kindles and the fact that you need something to ‘prop them up’ I think why not buy a laptop/netbook and then along comes the perfect device “Asus Eee Pad Transformer” hubba hubba! Count me in before the market goes ape!!!

  • Cassandra Fryer

    Love this idea!

  • Henry Ing-Simmons

    The youtube app looks good

  • Anonymous

    One of the nicest things I would love to have on my Transformer is an actual docking keyboard, but as usual with Asus things are promised but never available! Having trawled just about every UK supplier. not one of them has a single unit to sell!

    I am happy to part with money – when will Asus make the keyboard available?

  • Lana Leman

    love it

  • Pete Red

    There never seems much long term thinking in technology advances, is it 3D or something else? I’m reluctant these days to part with cash that manufacturers might just bin off an idea and head off on another tangent leaving me with a shiney beer mat!