Reactions to my ASUS Eee Pad (and a chance to win one)

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It seems that people can’t help but react to my Asus EeePad. It’s so unusual I suppose.

From techy friends who know how unique it is:

Oh that is wasted on you, you only blog and tweet!  – charming

How on earth did you get one of them you can’t get them for love or money? (I do feel exclusive but they are now expected back in the UK very soon)


OMG, you have an Eee Pad you are so, so lucky (I agree!)

Non-techie friends have said the following:

That. Is .So. Cool. (when I do my party trick and turn it into a net book by placing the tablet in the docking station)

It looks gorgeous, very sleek.

Oh, now that’s brilliant (when I do the portrait/ landscape turn around jig).

My son’s reaction:

(I have also never had an iPhone or iPad)

Mum this is amazing can I keep it? You already have a PC and a netbook. I love it. It will really help with my homework!

(He is 6, he doesn’t have homework but he has become totally obsessed with apps. I didn’t even know what apps really were prior to getting the Eee Pad. Now I know they are sort of gadgets /games/pages I can download – some for free. I also know angry birds is addictiive. He is heavily monitored but I palyed it for 3 hours the other night!)

My daughter’s reaction:

(she is 3)

My Daughter loves the Eee Pad

My Daughter loves the Eee Pad

A: Mummy  can I play on your thingy

Me: What thingy?

A: Mummy your thingy with the slidy letters.You know mummy the one I can do with my finger.

Me: Do you mean the Eee pad

A: No, I mean the magic thingy mummy.

My hubby’s reaction:

(IT consultant)

Lovely piece of kit. Very useful. Solves the problem for those who prefer traditional keyboards but need a tablet when out and about.

My reaction:

I love it! I love that I can film with it and photograph with it,  read with it, play games on it, blog on it, tweet on it, carry it around, entertain my kids, etc etc etc.  I think it’s fab!

Do you want one?

There are a few bloggers trialling these Eee Pad’s. If you comment on one of the featured blog posts you will be entered into a draw to win one during May. Take a look here for more details. Its ABSOLUTELY worth it! Seriously just leave me a comment below!

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  • Karen Mowery

    So frustrating that I can’t buy one. Maybe I can win one!

  • benmorse

    Yeah.. still not sure it’s an iPad beater, because of the OS. But tech wise, it at least gives the Apple beast a run for it’s money.

  • Tim bain

    Looks a swiss army machine lol

  • Rajiv Ghose

    i really want one of these. shame it’s so difficult to find one with a keyboard at the moment

  • Arun Kumar

    Wow! I can’t believe what I am seeing. Finally, this will shut up the iCrap crowd.

  • Alyssa Berns

    They sold out so fast! I hope I can win one.

  • Alex Walsh

    I would love to win one of these! Love my Asus EEE, build quality is awesome, so have high hopes for this.

  • Anonymous

    I would love one, it would be a real assett for the whole family

  • Darren Wright

    i wish i had my keyboard dock. its not a transformer without it.

  • wendy stanger

    they look fab would love to win:)

  • Robert Pavich

    I love this thing….I’d like to win one…(hint hint)

  • Chris McKendrick

    An ASUS Eee pad would be great for my graphic design work, and it’s powerful enough for me to do my music production on too! It’d sure beat my current laptop… which I broke the screen on by falling over in the snow and ice :(

  • Chris McKendrick

    An ASUS Eee pad would be great for my graphic design work, and it’s powerful enough for me to do my music production on too! It’d sure beat my current laptop… which I broke the screen on by falling over in the snow and ice :(

  • Antony Tuttle

    Great review – and really refreshign to see comments from such a broad section of ages and perspectives

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully I’ll win one because finding one to buy is pretty hard.

  • Richard Truong

    cant find these anywhere! a chance to win one is as good as finding one. :D

  • Kevin Wright

    Wondering when they might actually get some of these back in stock somewhere. Hoping to get one for my birthday :-D Seems like just what I want. I really think these Android tablets have something to offer that differentiates them from iProducts.

  • Anonymous

    hmm now I know I have no hope in winning one, and I am not 5 years old but I’ll comment just the same. If your offering then I’m dancing to the tune of an eee pad tx :)

  • Dave Cross

    I’m still trying to find out, I actually had my dock ship from amazon today, but I’ve got nothing to dock into it. I think I might go home and stare at the dock hoping a tablet magically appears in it.

  • greg leong

    Looks more versatile than the blackberry playbook .. unfortunately back ordered at my local computer shop.

  • Marzena

    I dream of Asus EeePad but it’s too expensive for me :(

    I would love to win one

  • Chance Hanepen

    I was originally looking into a new netbook for school but this seems to offer a similar experience with some extra functionality. I’m pumped to get this sooner or later

  • Jean Parks

    Asus Transformer = 1 tablet to rule them all!

  • Desk Monkey

    Amazing little machine. Would do everything I do on our desktop and more.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, it’s so funny how blown away some non-techie people are about little things that we are so used to. When you showed a techie the rotating from landscape to portrait, we’d probably say, “hmm, it’s a little slow.” Gotta love it. Looks like a great tablet though.

  • Jennifer

    These look awesome! Would love to own one.

  • Lili Bartley

     I think you can pre-order these on Amazon?

  • Anonymous

    Eee looks cool and 3e’s beats any i

  • tom johnson

    Brilliant bit of kit definitely an ipad beater especially with dock 

  • Dylan Cook

    I’d like to see if I can use it as a mobiel sketchbook :D

  • Quentin

    This tablet is awesome. I would be so happy to win one !

  • Henry Ing-Simmons

    It’s funny the range of reactions people have to them.   I wonder if tablets will be in every household in a few years in the way that computers are now.

  • Juss Dv

    So techie and brilliant. I would love to have one.