My Eee Pad Transformer is looking good

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My Eee Pad Transformer is looking good

Dave Cryer –

I have been using my Eee Pad Transformer for almost two weeks now. For the most part it has been a very enjoyable experience. I suppose the most encouraging aspect for me, is that Asus seems to have spent a decent amount of time looking at how the hardware would feel in a user’s hand. The textured back and gorgeous metals used really do make it feel like it justifies its asking price. A product like this definitely should not be confused with a low-end netbook. This is so much more usable as both a consumer entertainment device, as well as something that can be used as a productive tool.

They often say that what makes a device a success is the operating system. I truly believe this is the case, you only have to look at the success of Apple’s devices, to see that iOS and its vast range of applications make it a very popular choice. The Eee Pad Transformer runs Google’s Android operating system, Gingerbread version 3.0. This certainly does deliver a feature rich user interface. It is very easy to navigate, customise and of course finger friendly. The highlights for me have been the YouTube application, Gmail, and internet browsing. I also like the way that you can call widgets onto any home screen, that allow you easy access to the information that is relevant to your way of working.

Eee Pad Transformer

Using the device for business or productive use is pretty impressive. The built-in applications allow you to work through e-mail and perhaps internet research with ease. The dual core processors certainly do deliver a smooth and fast experience, with no apparent slowdown after a few days use. It is also nice to see both microSD and SDHC memory card slots, which make the device even more useful to the likes of a photographer or perhaps someone who carries different media around and might use memory cards to organise their data. Business use can also be supplemented by the myriad of applications available for download in Google Market.

When not in work mode the Eee Pad Transformer really does come into its own. You have the aforementioned YouTube at your disposal. For music there is a great music player. If you are a photo lover the gallery at is certainly very well presented. If you’re hankering for some gameplay, then there are plenty of games available in Google Market, the highlight being the likes of Angry Birds.

Eee Pad Transformer

My Eee Pad Transformer

You will see in those previous statements about Google Market that I do not list many application titles. At this early stage of using the Gingerbread operating system on a tablet device, there is certainly a lack of choice. However, as Android powered devices become more commonplace this will only improve. Developers need to harness the power and the new amount of screen real estate to deliver more applications that take advantage of the higher resolution screens. This is not a fault of the Eee Pad Transformer and coming early to market will position it at the top of the pile. The combination of build quality, processing speed, awesome screen and the innovative keyboard dock makes this a very wise choice.

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  • Desk Monkey

    The build quality shown in your videos impresses me greatly. I really like the rich coloured metal edging you described. It’s just a lovely, functional, innovative idea all round from Asus.

  • Anonymous

    I think I might want one of these.. Am a bit worried about how physically big it is though (compared to my eepc 701, which is more A5 sized), I wonder if they’ll make a smaller version.

    Also isn’t it Honeycomb, not Gingerbread?

  • Anonymous

    Yes Honeycomb :) It’s 10 inches – so the size of more recent netbooks. There are more coming – you’ll have to wait for Computex to see at the start of June :)

  • Daniel Devine

    At this early stage of using the Gingerbread operating system on a tablet device, there is certainly a lack of choice.” Do you mean Honeycomb?

  • Anonymous

    Great video. Agreed on all points with your article. I’m really hoping Android tablet app developments ramps up in a major way.

  • Ruth Turner

    Great review. I can’t wait for my transformer in August


    Fabulous review again from Dave Cryer, Loving the zoom in and out and the gmail apps!  Superb interaction and easy customization great price and battery life. It is possibly a tad to expensive for my to add to my Xmas wish list I may have to resort to begging …  In the meantime please count me into the competition as advertised on FB @Kevin and Sue Love Bamboo

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your comments – Android is impressive.