Eee Is For Easy

June 10th, 2011 in .Blogs .Transformer Summer Blogs
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Eee Is For Easy

Mark -

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

For years I was a big fan of Sony Vaio computers. I got my hands on their first ever laptop many years ago and their design was some way ahead of their competitors at the time – Gateway and Compaq, as I recall.

However I have production studios that for more than sixteen years have run Macs so that we can run our Pro-Tools editing software and over that time we have seen Macs become such easy tools to use for our work, we’ve gradually migrated from PCs and as a result have a much more stable IT system.

So it takes quite something to get me away from Apple kit. I’ve had all of the iPhones – and both iPads – and I don’t know if they put a special secret component inside them at Apple HQ that keeps us addicted, but I’m slightly ashamed to admit that like millions of others, I always watch out for the Steve Jobs new product announcements.

A friend of mine swears by Android phones and so when somebody suggested I try the new Asus Eee Pad Transformer, I thought why not; let’s give it a go.

Unpacking the iPad, like most Mac products, is always part of the experience. Asus have done a decent job with the packaging. It’s not Mac quality but it’s not as pricey as an iPad either, and how much should you really care about packaging when you want to get your hands on a new gadget?!

Straight out of the box the Eee Pad is slightly larger – and fractionally heavier than the iPad (1.49 lbs vs 1.39 lbs) but not so much heavier that you would notice the difference.

After a quick charge and logging on to my wi-fi, checking for firmware update reveals there is one. The download and upgrade to the latest version of the software – Android 3.1 is quick and seamless, and on the machine. It was good not to have to plug in to iTunes to upgrade the tablet.

A quick play reveals that it’s quick and pretty slick. The screen looks good although it dimmed too far on auto brightness for my liking.

I’ll come back to this after I’ve got all my settings loaded and had a few days to get used to a new operating system. But so far, so good.

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  • Anonymous

    The only concern I have with android tablets is that the manufacturers reputation is in the hands of Google.  If Google release a “buggy” Android update this can damage users opinion of the manufacturer since it is their name on the device,

    Apple can not afford to release buggy software since its their hardware and their software.  

    Still they could be in worse hands than Google, I would love to have one of these devices as they look great

  • Casey Ketcham

    I’ve had mine for over a week now and I’m digging it alot more than my ipad, it’s more useful as I can do more with it especially with the dock.  Wonderful piece of tech to own!

  • Brian Houng

    Eeepad is hands down the best tablet out there right now

  • Ed Lam

    Just ordered mine on Amazon.  Anxiously awaiting… My son has already called dibs to use :)

  • Graham Klerks

    I’m really interested in this, as I feel I could make use of a tablet while going to work etc. I’d rather replace my Macbook then have yet another electronic device and the Transformer fits this situation perfectly. The only that bothers me is that I’ve become accustomed to Macs and that the Android OS might not have the same “grunt” that OSX does. I use Android 2.2 on my Legend atm, and love it for the most part. I have a PC to do all my heavy lifting, but there will be a few apps I’d like to see on ‘Droid 3.1, like TeamViewer.

  • Anonymous

    Keep us informed of your experience! I have an android phone and a MBP. I’m debating on getting a iPad or Eee Pad and leaning toward the Asus because I like the widget functions on my android phone. I’ve been watching videos on youtube/reading blogs about the Asus and experiencing it vicariously through those because I can’t seem to find one in stores to play around on.

  • Andy Johnson

    It’s between the Transformer and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for me, but I’m leaning more towards the Transformer as the tablet I am going to get.

  • chrriss88

    I was hoping for an update Mark after you left wanting more!!!

    I read your blog last month when the transformer had just arrived. Except for the niggles I still think this is the gadget of the future but I want it right now would love this tablet with docking station & 10 hours battery life it suit my on the go life style!!! Lightweight and versatile would fit right in to my oversized handbag.

  • M Carlson

    show me the love…big bucks no whammies just a transformer

  • Andy Riley

    I love my transformer but i still dont think Android for tablets is ready for prime time. There are too many usability issues that the average person on the street will get annoyed with.

  • Alex Van Steeden

    Here’s my point of view with comparisons being made between iPad’s and Android tablets. I don’t see any comparison between Apple products vs the rest due to how little Apple products have to do. Every iPad vs Honeycomb tablet will say the iPad is better because it’s smoother, well go figure, what is the iPad actually doing other than launching an app….nothing. Android devices multi-task, run multiple processes, run widgets, live wallpapers, the list goes on. All Apple devices are like infants in the gadget world, poke them and they’ll give you a single response with no thinking or anything going on in their head except they’ve just been poked. This is what sells Apple products running iOS with it’s less features and controlled environment, simplicity, people who want to not think about what their device does. Anyway I wouldn’t buy an Apple product while most of my friends/family would. I like to tweak and control my device so I’ve used WM6.5 and Android all my smartphone life and that’s the way it’ll stay with Android being my choice and no I’m not a fan boy just a realist.

    The Transformer offers so much more than what an iPad could, actually any other tablet does with the Transformer being the best in my eyes. I like the flexibility and customisation available and don’t want to have to wait, weeks, months, years for useful features to appear on iOS when they are and have been for a long time on Android e.g slide down notifications, do you think Apple had to brainstorm for that idea?.Anyway pair the great usability of Honeycomb to a product that offers more functionality than any other tablet off the shelf and you’ve got the Transformer which to me no iPad, Samsung 10.1 or Toshiba Thrive can currently or in the near future upon release come close to.

    Anyway hope that gives you something to think about….

  • Ionut Dobrin

    I am in the same position here…Apple fanboy but I have to say the Asus Trasformer is one piece of a kit..great design,awesome UI..Asus has done a truly great job..really want one but my budget is a but tight….maybe in the future…

  • Chris Chardon

    I’m half and Apple fan – Love their laptops since I bought my first one. However, now that the screen on my current one is going, I’m lured by a shiny new product on the market that gives a bit more bang for your buck. Firstly, having a touchscreen has been something I’ve wanted for a while now. My internet habits have changed and touchscreen browsing better suits my habits. Secondly, having a detachable keyboard that can add battery power is genuis! I’m struggling to figure out whether I want the EEE Transformer or the EEE Slider Pad as both seem to be amazing products. This Apple laptop fan may switch for the first time in 10 years!!!

  • rory campion

    Still not convinced by Android tablets, but this is startign to sway me