Lighten up!

June 20th, 2011 in .Blogs .Transformer Summer Blogs
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Lighten up!

Mark –

It’s two weeks today since the docs sliced me open, took some bone from my hip, put it in my collarbone and for good measure screwed in a titanium plate. Apart from the sheer boredom of having my arm in a sling for another 2 weeks, things have been progressing well.

Now being back in London and a little more connected, my social calender is a little more full (in relative terms only. I ain’t no social butterfly). More time on trains, tubes and buses. The deadness of travelling on public transport I am sure is familiar to all.

Unfortunately, for the most part, unless you want to be that crazy guy who tries to strike up a conversation with everyone during rush hour you need something to do. Reading Metro, The Sun or News of the World might pass the time but that just brings you closer to death in the end (not to mention shaving off a few IQ points each time). Fortunately my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer can help me out here.

With just a single arm at my disposal carrying and reading a book or going through an article I have printed out is not really practical at the moment. With my Transformer I can do a bunch of things that is not just “killing time”. In the last couple of weeks I have sat on buses and trains and for once was actually productive. Sometimes it just means having the ability to brainstorm an idea that pops into my head. Using the Evernote app means this is a cinch and one handed typing on the touch screen is super easy. Viewing a 113 page PDF article, “Warfighting” courtesy of the US Marine Corps is super easy and with a single finger swipe I can read through without any trouble at all using the MyLibrary app.

Of course I know sometimes you just want to chill. That’s why I have become pretty darn good at Samurai II: Vengence and AirAttack HD. Something I can do with one arm at least. Or you could just keep reading that old copy of the Metro you picked up off the carriage floor…

Don’t forget, Asus is giving away a bunch of Transformers to a few lucky folks. All you have to do is leave a comment on any of the posts here. Positive, negative it doesn’t matter. Call me a plonker if you like, you still get entered in the draw to win!

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    Having owned many different tablets, i got to say the transformer has fitted in most with my needs, more so than the others. I gauge how good a piece of tech is by how long i keep it lol,  most of my gadgets end up on fleebay within a month however this unit has found a permanent home. 

    I was out on paranormal research in herts and beds on Saturday and it was great being able to use the device loading geotags in google maps of some of the harder to find locations, and then comparing images on google itself to ensure we found the right spots, all from the dash of my car and tethered to my galaxy s. Once there it was used to take geotag piccies (not checked them yet) and make notes using several apps.

    It made the whole day a lot easier while minimising the equipment i needed, plus come break time theres nothing like switching to a dose of “stupid Zombies” in all its glory

  • Darren Rackley

    A Transformer would be great for use on the tube, wish I had one!

  • Fred Schellenberg


  • Anonymous

    The transformer is so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    The transformer is so awesome!

  • dvdyke

    Call me a scaredy cat if you like. But I would not like having my cool toys on display to all and sundry just in case someone tried to pinch it from me.

  • Kristen

    Very interested in all things Transformer, but I just have to comment on this because of the picture!  Very amusing :)

    Good to know that the Transformer is good with one hand – as a busy mum I often find myself having to try to manage reading one-handing while balancing a child with the other.  I also like the portable entertainment value it can pose!

  • clara

    I am amazed how techonolgy grows and improves! The Tabs are a big thing at the moment, but your design is also a 5 star idea, very original, just superb! Now all I want to do is try one! ;)