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The tablet market is so rich with ideas and solutions that it can be quite tough for people to decide what kind of tablet they need and why. Today I’m looking at the feature specs of the ASUS MeMo Pad Smart 10, a device that offers a substantial amount of productivity for the price point, and explaining why this is a good bet for the all-round user.


The first factor is, as I mentioned earlier, the price point. Currently this device is retailing in the UK for under £300 and, when you consider the specs, this is a huge budget cutter compared to other solutions on the market. While the power user may not necessarily get everything they want from this MeMo Pad Smart 10, the all-rounder most definitely will.

The first is the Nvidia quad-core CPU which has been designed to cope with user demand on entertainment without compromise. It’s fast and powerful and you get full HD video playback. For the family that needs a cost-effective solution to long and boring car journeys, well here’s your answer. It can play back video using either headphones or the brilliant onboard audio (although I imagine the former would be better in noisy cars) and can get you from Brighton to the depths of Cornwall without needing a recharge – 8.5 hours of battery life right there.

As I said earlier, it has SonicMaster technology which is coming as a standard in many of the latest ASUS devices and which does produce sterling sound that you don’t really expect from a tablet’s speakers at all. It’s impressively crisp and clear so you can watch movies in bed or catch up on presentations at your desk without struggling to hear what’s going on.

ASUSmemo 10

The screen offers you ten inches of IPS clarity and a170 degree wide viewing display. Want to know why the last point is important? It’s because you won’t sit there on a sunny day or in a car having to constantly shift the angle of the screen to be able to see what’s going on. Trust me, that makes a huge difference to parents listening to, “I can’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” or your partner moaning about how they can’t see what is going on while working on the move.

The ASUS MeMo Pad Smart 10 has a 5MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front camera, SuperNote Lite (a top notch app for taking notes on the move), runs with Android 4.1 and comes in pink, white and blue. The device is a neat all-rounder and the feature specs I’ve outlined here are only some of the main points. You get additional connectivity options and the ASUS dedication to regular OS updates too.

This table is a good buy for families and parents who want a device that can be used by everyone, can handle the demands of smaller hands and is robust enough to do all of this without falling to pieces.

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