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On Tuesday, ASUS announced the very cool GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II graphics card with exclusive DirectCU II cooling and a DIGI+ voltage regulator module that, combined, deliver a performance that’s 30% cooler, three times quieter and 6% faster than reference.


This card is powered by 25% more CUDA (translated as: Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores and has a boosted clock speed that sits at an epic 1020MHz. These increases are pretty impressive, especially when compared to this card’s predecessor, and offer rather spectacular performance parameters to your kit.

According to ASUS they are the only ones who are able to offer the GTX 780 Ti GPU on a graphics card with DirectCU II because this technology is exclusive to ASUS. This tech places their highly-conductive 10mm copper cooling pipes into direct contact with the GPU to instantly shift and dissipate the heat. It’s efficient and speedy and offers the user far better performance as well as increasingly the lifespan of the card if placed repeatedly under duress.

The heatsink is 220% larger than reference (that’s pretty epic) and comes with the CoolTech fan that has a hybrid blade and bearing design to ensure more efficiency in airflow. This, in turn, promotes highly stable performance and improved cooling capacity. Great for those of you who live in hot climates!

These additions from ASUS place the GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II graphics card at the head of the pack with up to 30% better cooling, three times quieter performance than reference and faster gaming performance. In addition there is the DIGI+ voltage regulation module with a 10-phase power design to drop noise, improve energy efficiency and improve both tolerance and stability.

Other superb additions include the GPU Tweak facility that ASUS users have long enjoyed and appreciated for its ease of use and accessibility to a range of controls to push performance to the limit, and its new Streaming tool for sharing action online and in real time.

It’s an epic board and may be one you can add to your Must Have list for 2014.

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