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The ASUS PadFone 2 is an interesting blend of smartphone and tablet into on device and has had several improvements added since the first release of the original PadFone in 2012. A year and a bit may have gone by, but in the technology landscape that may as well have been 100 years ago. The new PadFone 2 boasts 16 hours of talk time that shoots up to 36 hours when it is docked in the pad and has a total weight of 649g. There are other features as well, but I’m being romantically selective as I’m all about size and weight…


ASUS has continued in its tradition of ensuring that their devices remain updated and kept to the highest security and quality standards by releasing the latest PadFone2 Firmware for download. It includes the Android security patch from Google, adds improvements to the camera’s firmware and has optimised the automatic white balance (AWB) feature. The keyboard’s interface input has been improved and the vocabulary database upgraded.

Users will also appreciate the performance and stability improvements that come hand in hand with this update along with bug fixes that have been implemented as a result of user feedback. ASUS clearly listening to what the customers have to say here. The final two additions are a new BuddyBuzz and FloatingApp version included in the firmware which, I presume, will add more functionality and stability.


Visiting the ASUS site for the download needs to select the Firmware button and then follow the update steps. There are only two of them so it shouldn’t take up too much of your time or prove too complex. The update is 766MB.

While you’re there (and if you happen to live in Taiwain) you can update your maps or, should you not live in Taiwan, you can download the drivers for USB connectivity and your user manual. Though you may just want to update your firmware and get on with things instead.

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