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ASUS has a brand new channel on their site that is all about their 8 Series motherboards and includes some impressive content for the enthusiast.  On the site you will find videos, news, downloads, how-to guides and in-depth information about these boards, giving you the chance to really get the most out of their design and functionality.


You will find tutorials such as “How to use ASUS NFC Express” which runs across at least three or four different videos, each one giving you greater insight into the basics and the more complex elements of set-up and control.

The categories on the site also feature build guides, product videos, feature videos, the Republic of Gamers (RoG) series, the TUF series and videos for the various campaigns.  In addition, many of the videos offer you the chance to find out more about specific motherboards so you can choose the design and feature set that are best suited to your needs.

The guides are simple and well-designed with plenty of information and support to help those who are just starting out on their motherboard journey. There are pages and pages of these so make sure you pull up a cup of tea, you may get thirsty as you go.


The News section will give you every last drop of news you need on the 8 Series motherboards, including their latest competitions and winners. The Downloads link will give you brochures on the motherboards, DIY guides and images for you to use at will.

It’s a gorgeous site bedecked in the new gold colouring that the 8 series motherboards from ASUS are famous for, and it contains a rich resource of information and support for ASUS users. Take a look, I guarantee you’ll get sucked in…

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