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ASUS is one company that likes to keep a few secrets and then amaze us all with something completely unexpected, just when we thought that everything was done and dusted for a while. Yesterday morning ASUS announced the MeMO Pad and this is definitely a player in the small and cost-effective tablet market.


While the MeMO does not have the same specs as the Nexus 7 that ASUS made for Google back in 2012, it does offer several features that make it stand out. The price point is the big thing. At only 110 Euros, possibly around £110, the MeMO Pad is cheaper and has a superb seven hour battery life.

You will also find 1GB of memory, a micro-SD slot for extra memory storage, free access to WebStorage (the free cloud-based web system that offers around 5GB to customers), and a 7inch screen. Android 4.1 runs on the VIA WonderMedia WM8950 system at 1GHz, and an ARM Mali-400 GPU. The screen is a 1024×600 LCD touchscreen and these specifications are pretty darn tidy for what you are forking out for it.

Personally I am a huge fan of these more focused, low-end tablets that offer plenty of features and the power to work most apps, without losing too much on the processing and visual fronts. As a device that can get you basic word processing and syncing across all Google offerings (Drive, Wallet, Mail, Maps etc) this is hard to beat if the price point remains this low.

Currently the word on the street has Easter as a potential launch date in the US so keep your eyes peeled. Me, I think this is a brilliant step in the right direction, giving everyone access to the world of apps and internet without the heavy costs.

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