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The problem with many ultra-portable devices is that they are either this or that. Rarely do they manage to take on all the tasks set to them by the user and so they are classified as either for the home or the office. Not so with the ASUS Transformer Book. This is, for me, an absolutely brilliant device.

ASUS Transformer Book

The screen is 13.3 inches of IPS beauty in full HD that can be easily detached from the bundled keyboard and used for multimedia, presentations, entertainment and gaming. Alternatively, you can slot the keyboard onto the screen for a completely brilliant device that boasts separate notebook and tablet storage, a high capacity hard drive and an ultra-fast SSD. Oh yes, storage space will not be a problem. Nor will sound… The Transformer Book has the reputable ASUS SonicMaster audio with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower for rich and detailed sound. In addition the Intel Core i7 processor ensures performance is robust and speedy, and the display is completely touch active and offers superb viewing angles of 178 degrees. You won’t be the person irritably shifting your screen around so you can see what on Earth is going on. No, sirree. This is also the world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet and you now have the option, of course, to upgrade to Windows 8.1. This particular tablet was inspired by the ultra-portable beauty of the Zenbook, but brings even more to the table. The user that wants a device that will fit into their life perfectly, needs it to change and shift. This is precisely what the Transformer Book will do. The design is all metal with a spun finish and this offers more than just a pretty face, you also get the robustness that these materials bring to the table. You can switch easily between applications – something the business user really needs – and there’s the Intel Turbo Boost Technology2.0 for that extra burst of power when you need it. The creators of the Transformer Book designed this with passion, every detail painstakingly attended to and a lot of thought given to what the user will need. You get smart battery technology, a backlit keyboard and so much more. This is the way forward for the ultra-portable tablet and ASUS have set the path very nicely indeed.

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