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The brains behind the developing technology innovations really do come up with ideas that amaze me. Today ASUS has announced the release of a portable USB-powered monitor and, while I am sure other people have come up with the same idea, this is the first I’ve heard of it and I love it.

MB168 monitor

The ASUS MB168 Series portable USB-powered monitor is 15.6 inches of desktop real estate. This is not shabby at all for a portable device and rather brilliant that it can run off a single USB. It will work with both the laptop and the desktop PC easily and both power and signal are sent through the USB 3.0 cable. This completely negates the need for a power adaptor and video cable and any other cables you may need. Nope, with this gadget you only need one.


This also happens to be another world first for ASUS because the MG168 Series is the world’s slimmest and lightest companion display at only 8mm thick and weighing only 800g. That is sublime and I want one. Not sure why, but I do.

This display is backlit with a  power consumption of only 5W while being used. Now that has to be some kind of Aaaah-inducing figure right? In standby it consumes 0W, which is a great environmental point, and the impact on battery life isn’t going to be hardcore or too heavy to make it much use. This is an essential consideration that ASUS has met very well indeed.

You get full HD at 1920×1080 or you can use the model with 1366×768 resolution – the choice is yours. The models only vary in screen resolution as the power demands and single cable usage remain the same on both. Another great feature that comes built into the MB168 Series is EzLink Technology which lets you can run up to five of these off your PC or laptop no matter what your graphics capability. Nice right?

So, if you need an extra monitor for that huge workload of yours and one that can handle life on the go, then here is your solution in one neat bundle.

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