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Over an estimated 100,000 people descended onto the Taipei International Flora Exposition EXPO Dome earlier this month for the 2012 edition of Taiwan Designers Week. This year’s “Flow” theme focuses on the Taiwanese design industry as it continues to move forward. A team from ASUS Design was on hand to present the exhibits at ASUS’ Becoming: Decode the aesthetics of ASUS Design booth.

They set up several stations – with each displaying the team’s “Start with People” philosophy and allowing visitors to explore what aesthetics mean to ASUS Design. We look at the key elements of their display.

Form & Style

Everyday objects like plastic egg cartons, keys, or rings are often used to get the creative juices flowing, inspiring designers to infuse new ideas in their designs.

Look at what we brought to the table

The PadFone, ZENBOOK, Nexus 7, and Transformer Prime and accessories like the VariDrive HDD and ZenDisc were on display in various states of undress, with various prototype cases and parts showcasing how each of the final products came about.

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