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Milan Design Week is upon us once again and from April 17 to 22, the très chic Italian city will serve as the design capital of the world as it sets a grand stage in this annual celebration of creativity and art.

ASUS will once again grace the event, with this year’s theme being Experience the Infinity. It follows up on the highly successful ASUS Senses Remix exhibition held last year.

Experience the Infinity with ASUS at Milan Design Week

“ASUS has always pursued a course of technological perfection, with constant attention to innovation. Our objective is to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, to deeply understand their needs, to empathize, and to develop a relationship with them which is truly extraordinary,” said Andrea Galbiati, country manager of ASUSTek Italy. “Design week, for us, is the ideal stage on which to allow the public to experience our work first hand.”

Developed by design and communications agency Conte Oggioni Partners, the Experience the Infinity exhibit will give visitors a chance to experience the latest ASUS products up close. The Zen-inspired display explores the relationship between space and infinity, users can also get to experience the essence of the ASUS brand by understanding the choice materials and design elements that go into its vast range of products.

Through this exhibition, ASUS hopes to introduce people to its “Start with People” design thinking. This approach starts with understanding what users are thinking, feeling, and doing, as well as what they value; ultimately ending when solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers are developed. The Transformer Pad embodies this philosophy, and successfully gives consumers a 2-in-1 device that is both a tablet and a netbook.

Visitors to the exhibit will also get to experience the ASUS ZENBOOK™, and the much anticipated ASUS PadFone™ — an innovative smartphone that can transform into a tablet and a notebook.

The ASUS PadFone

The Experience the Infinity exhibition will be at QuattrocentroMQ, in the courtyard of Opificio 31 – Via Tortona 31 from April 17 to 22.

For more info, visit

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