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The range of Windows 8-powered laptops has grown dramatically since the latest operating system from Microsoft was launched over a year ago. Today you can find a pretty impressive reservoir of devices that are designed to work as efficiently as possible with the OS. One of these happens to be the very light, powerful and robust ASUS X102BA that is a win for the user who travels a lot, but needs that extra power and the ability to cope with higher processing demands.


The AMD Temash processor is safely ensconced within the 10.1 inch frame and offers the right levels of power for high demand while still keeping performance speedy. The battery life is also an impressive five hours, well, up to five hours, and the entire device weighs in at 1.1kgs.

Sound is delivered by the SonicMaster audio system which was designed to remove the traditional tinny horror of speakers traditionally associated with laptops by ensuring high quality sound  with rich bass and undertones. It does make a difference when you are watching movies or presentations or listening to music as you travel.


Other features boasted by the ASUS X102BA include Instant On, a 10.1 inch screen at 1366×768 resolution, touchscreen capability with a 320GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. Graphics are supplied by the HD Radeon 8180G graphics card and it is all ensconced in a case that glows a radiant white or a moody black, or even a flashy blue or pink.

If you really don’t know what to buy that little business person in your life and have nothing stored under the Christmas tree yet, then here you go, a Christmas laptop just for you. It’s ultra-portable and ultra-powerful and some other things with the word “ultra” in the title.

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