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Bad jokes aside (and we all know how much I enjoy those) this is a truly epic machine that needs to have us look under its hood a bit. With the Zenbook Prime Touch you get a bunch of features and design elements that make it a win for the business user.

ASUS Zenbook Prime Touch

The Zenboook Prime Touch is incredibly slim and its predecessor was the critically acclaimed UX31E and one of the first in the ultrabook marathon. Only 11mm thick at the rear, thickest edge, and 1.3kgs in heft, the Zenbook Prime Touch is still light and slim and ideal for portable travels and works. It has the brushed metal casing that first had us sighing in awe a year ago and the keyboard remains swift, responsive and large.

The trackpad has the usual level of sensitivity and can be switched off for those who don’t enjoy travelling around their documents courtesy of their hand pads. You get Windows 8 and a touchscreen at 13.3 inches to make best use of Microsoft’s current operating system. And a touchscreen really is the best way to love that OS…

The display is high definition at 1920×1080, ideal for presentations and multimedia (both for fun and work), and there is plenty of processing speed, courtesy of Intel’s i7. You get 4GB memory, 246SSD, a superb display, light design, sleek style and updated systems.

The Zenbook Prime Touch is definitely one to add to the table if you’re in the market for a business-powered ultrabook that can handle almost anything you can throw at it. Basic games will run with ease, but don’t expect anything high-end, and you have superb sound and the usual bevvy of ASUS-specific software that boosts performance, sound quality and controls.

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