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The ASUS Transformer Prime, one of the most critically acclaimed tablets on the market today, has started getting the Jelly Bean update which started, interestingly, in Sweden. The ASUS Sweden Facebook page is full of all the information that users need to know in order to update their Transformer Prime.

What’s really sweet is how ASUS have given a link to the Adobe page in order to update the Flash that has been removed by Google in the Jelly Bean update. You can follow a range of online instructions that will guide you through installing Jelly Bean to your ASUS Transformer Prime manually if you wish too. Although that is very much done at your own risk, so don’t come crying to me if all sorts of hinky madness happens…

Even thought the update is taking place a month after the ASUS Transformer TF300T, ASUS are still running ahead of the curve and delivering updates at a speedy pace. This diligence is greatly appreciated by the Transformer owners, that’s for sure!

The Android Jelly Bean update delivers superb performance, a much smoother user interface, browser improvements, camera features and plenty more. You can see the full list and some detail about Android Jelly Bean here.

Have you started using Android Jelly Bean yet? What are your thoughts?

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