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The ASUS VivoBook F Series is all about expressing your individuality and style in one slim and light machine. It boasts all the features you would want in a sleek and ultraportable laptop, with some nice tweaks and additions to really give it some oomph.

ASUS VivoBook F

First off you’ll find the VivoBook F series of laptops come in four different colours, which makes a nice change from either black or white as is offered by most people. The blue and red are not excessive, but I have to say that the blue is particularly fetching. That is such a vivid and cheerful colour!

Of course, as they fit into the ultraportable market they are very light and have been designed to snap closed into a chic and very slim device, quick to slip into the nearest bag or laptop carrier. I’ve managed to get one of these into my handbag and I do not own the most capacious of bags…

The 2-Second Instant On is no small and boring feature, obviously, and can be a real plus when you’re in a bind or have limited time to check your information. There are few things as tedious as having to wait for your computer to laboriously boot up, especially if you’re in a rush. You won’t get that here, my friend, oh no…

Alongside a very thin and responsive keyboard that has plenty of key spacing to prevent that fat-finger thump of three keys at once (I really hate that), you get the multi-touch display so you can eke the most out of the Windows 8 design. That operating system really does need a touchscreen to get the highest levels of performance and with the ASUS VivoBook F series, you pretty much can.

Then you get the Smart Gesture Technology that gets what you’re trying to do and makes your life easier. I think I need to do an entire post on that feature as it’s a winner. Not to be outdone by a mere keypad, the audio is supported by SonicMaster Technology which is always a winner.

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