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EP Slate 121

Ok, so this week is definitely all about my recent obsession with design. It started with me finding all those red dot design awards on Saturday and then had me prowling the interweb for all the other design awards that ASUS won last year.  You won’t believe what I missed in January this year?

ASUS won a record number of CES 2011 Innovation Awards. Yeah. It is a little sad that I missed that but, for a moment, let’s pretend it is only 07 January and I am tooting a horn in time. After all, everyone is saying how fast this year is going, right? Right?

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, as we fondly call it as we eyeball its due date and slobber over emerging technologies, took place in Las Vegas in January.  At this prestigious event, thousands of devices and gadgets and gizmos and ideas are touted about and shown to the hordes of slavering hounds, I mean, technology junkies and journalists. This was the year that saw over 80 different pad models appear!

rampage III extreme motherboardCES does more than just play host to technology, it also acknowledges it with the CES 2011 Innovations, Design and Engineering Awards program. This awards program recognises the most innovative consumer electronics products across a broad range of categories, and has become a hallmark for the best of consumer technology design.

This year eight ASUS products were chosen across four award categories that include computer, consumer electronics and PC components. The ASUS Eee Slate EP121, ASUS U43Jc Notebook, and the ASUS WiCast EW2000 received a CES Innovations Award under the Personal Electronics Category.

The ASUS ARES/2DIS/4GD5 graphics card, ASUS RoG Rampage III Extreme motherboard, and the ASUS RoG Crosshair IV Extreme motherboard all were chosen for the Computer Hardware category.  The ASUS RT-N66U Router was picked as an honouree in Innovations, while the ASUS Xonar Xense Premium Gaming Audio Set was also granted the same honour.

This is an impressive list, isn’t it?

Ok, now you can return to the future of March 24 and go and get yourself a coffee to calm down. It was a very exciting post to read…

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