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Eee PC 1218The idea of form and function for technology has been a bit of a pet love of mine recently. I’ve found a growing fascination with the idea that technology can break through the barriers of square and dull, and into the realm of vital and interesting.

Of course, it is quite one thing to have a gorgeous piece of kit that gleams and sparkles at you in a pleasing manner, but quite another if that’s all it does. No matter how beautiful it may be, it has to work, and work well.

Which is why I have found myself immersed in the ASUS Design site and the huge range of products that they’ve created with design and function in mind. A keyboard does not have to be a drab and sad blob on your desk, it can also be stylish and pretty. Like the ASUS Chic-let keyboard that’s ergonomic, comfortable, and organised.

Each cap surface is curved to fit your fingers, the key size and layout designed to keep your body centred to the screen. In short, it is beautiful and functional. And it won an iF Design Award.

Or perhaps you’re not in the mood for a keyboard? Would you rather get the Eee PC 1218 ultra-slim netbook that is delivered in either brushed silver or black? Sleek, smooth and visually appealing, this Eee PC is portable, offers all the right features and functionality, and still manages to look fantastic. It was one of the red dot design award winners in 2010.

Still not found what you’re looking for? Gamers need not sign sadly into their mega cappuccinos for there is always the Rampage III Extreme Motherboard that scooped up a red dot design award last year  and offers much more than just performance. It also looks symmetrical, bright, and powerful. The matching ranks of marching red and black against the fine detail of the board make it a definite catch for open PC users who like to play.

Perhaps you feel like you need a case for your Rampage III Extreme motherboard? It seems a shame to hide that level of design away, but the CG 5290 Desktop PC is another ASUS iF Award winner and, honestly, I swear the picture growls at you.  It’s polished aluminium and anodized panels and designed to keep its insides cool.

There are actually so many products that have won ASUS these coveted design awards that it would take a small book to tell you about them all. However, it does show that form can match function without compromising on either, and that the future of how our tech will look is very bright indeed.

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