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Near Field Communications, fondly shortened to NFC, is one of my favourite topics. It’s exciting, it hints at a Minorty Report type future (hopefully sans autocratic police force and terrifying George Orwell controls) with adverts that talk to you and computers that link to what you need without stress. ASUS has stepped very smartly into the NFC-enabled device world and now have announced the arrival of the M70 desktop.

ASUS M70 desktop

This lovely machine looks pretty awesome with its incredibly slender and chic design. Sharp sides cat into by a front loading system marked by a blue light ala Tron. This is the world’s first desktop PC with NFC built in and users can use this feature to pair with other NFC enabled devices, specifically your mobile phones and tablets.

Within the system you will find a decently powered system with Intel’s fourth generation i-series, Nvidia GeForce graphics, SonicMaster technology, one-tap device pairing NFC technology and the ASUS AudioWizard interface. You can pair your device with one little tap and launch applications, upload photos wirelessly and back up your devices wirelessly.

You can also charge your mobile devices wirelessly using the ASUS Wireless Charger tray that can handle the charge of smartphones and devices that support the Qi standard, even when the computer has been shut down. There is even a built-in UPS that acts as a power supply in the event of an outage. The NFC Express software designed by ASUS will automatically back up photos and videos in Android-based mobile devices, detect files added since last sync for intelligent backup and password-free Windows 9login.  You also get Quick Launch for shortcuts to your most used apps and the ASUS Universal Storage Module which is a hot-sawp bay to add in and share high capacity storage.

It’s a sleek, modern, future-driven beast of a machine that would be the ideal upgrade for anyone who feels it’s time to shake-up their desktop setup and get something a bit more exciting.

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