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Tech news websites already bubbling over with enthusiasm for ASUS’s various announcements at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), running now in Las Vegas until January 10th. just loves the Bang & Olufsen-inspired ASUS NX90 home-entertainment laptop, concluding that “its innovative dual touchpads show that there are still new ideas in laptop design”. And who are we to disagree?, meanwhile, says it is “blown away” by ASUS’s CES 2010 Waveface concept product announcements, further describing them as “a slew of stunning next-gen gadgets”. What’s more, it thinks the Waveface Ultra is a “stunner”.

Don’t forget that five ASUS products have been awarded Innovations Design and Engineering Awards at CES 2010 too, including the MATRIX GTX285/HTDI/1GD3 graphics card, the cute Disney Netpal laptop, the stylish MS246H monitor, the 300Mbit/s MIMO RT-N16 router and Touch AiGuru SV1T – a videophone with 7″ touchscreen display.

If you’re visiting CES this year and want to check out some of these products for yourself, you’ll find ASUS at booth 30368 on the upper level of South Hall 3.

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