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Mothers’ Day for me usually means a lavish dinner with the extended family and at least 200 other strangers in an overcrowded restaurant. But this year, Mom took interest in our ASUS Transformer Prime and wanted to try it out before we invest in one for her.

Now my mother knows nothing about new technology at all. We thought she wanted the tablet because her friends have one, or that she wants one to stream funny videos or scroll through the photos on our Facebook accounts. Yet interestingly, she seems more keen on the apps, in particular Picasso and she’s been drawing up a storm!

Coincidentally, last week, Gogo Ubari forwarded us a story from one of our users. It was an account of painting with his son after visiting David Hockney‘s A Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy.

Having visited the exhibition just prior to the Easter holidays, the user described Hockney’s exhibition as inspirational, powerful and vibrant and was an experience not to be missed. A section of the exhibition included 51 drawings done on the iPad and those inspired him to check out some of the painting apps with his son. They had a go at Paint Pro as well as Paint Commander.

Here’s a look at some of the creations by my mom and our 8 year-old user:

Painting on the Transformer Prime has now become part of their travel and home entertainment repertoire. Have you and your family painted with the Transformer Prime? Let us know.

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