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Sometimes a manufacturer gives a product a name that I find utterly delectable and that is so very much the case with this ASUS Xonar U7. Sonar/Xonar – geddit? Yeah, I imagine it’s just me chortling away at the idea, but then again I am a fan of fun words. Kumquat anyone?

ASUS Xonar U7

The Xonar U7 is something quite special and is as gorgeous for the audiophile as it is for the bog standard audio sort-of-liker. I pretty much fall into the latter category as I don’t really care if my audio is crisp, sublime and awesome, although I appreciate it a great deal when it is.

What the Xonar U7 brings to your tech is a 7.1 channel USB soundcard and headphone amplieifer with 192kHz/24-bit HD sound with a dedicated mic volume control for instant adjustments as you go. This portable, compact and frankly brilliant gadget is superbly placed to woo the gamer.

The sound quality and volume can be adjusted mid game so you don’t end up dying when you are needed most, and the 114dB signal-to-analog ratio ensures pure sound quality throughout. The Xonar U7 focuses on headphone quality sound and drives onboard audio to new levels (sorry).

It doesn’t need any additional charger or power supply, just plug it directly into the USB slot, and get enjoying the high quality sound. The ASUS Hyper Grounding PCB has also been built in to ensure strong signal insulation against component crosstalk.

It’s an ace gizmo and perhaps one you want to include in your Christmas wish list? It’s compact, it’s powerful, it delivers sassy gaming sound, it is plug and play and it doesn’t want you to spend hours fiddling with settings before you get it right. Easy and bang on the gaming money is the ASUS Xonar U7.

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