Meet the ASUS G53 gaming laptop

James Kidder
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  • Vishal

    Good introduction.
    Design is also nice as other G series laptops.

  • Diego Parada

    There is a design fail: position of DC-in jack and its shape (it’s not angle-shaped) causing lots of breakdowns.

  • Adam Davis

    I found this video to be useless, she just said everything we could either see with our eyes and said about three points from a specs sheets. even for an intro, this sucked.the only useful and interesting part was when she told us that it was designed around a plane.

    Apparently is publishing soon one of MSI’s Gt gaming laptops, so my emails tell me, cant wait to read their review.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Adam, this is just a “meet the laptop” for those who don’t know the spec sheet. It’s not a review or anything. Is hardwarelook reviewing the G53 as well?