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I don’t know about you, but as Christmas approaches I’m increasingly bogged down by emails, work, people’s needs and demands, and a To Do list that’s starting to resemble a book rather than an achievable goal. You too? Doesn’t it just drive you crazy?

Well, today, in an attempt to redefine my inbox madness and overworked brain I decided to hunt down personal productivity apps that offer help to us drowning souls who want to get more out of their technology. Many of these are cloud computing at their finest and most inventive, others will require that you actually sit down and read something.


Doodle is a personalised scheduling app that lets you schedule board meetings, business lunches (or social lunches), conference calls, family events, or any other group event, in a jiffy. The best part is that it will connect with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, iCal, Live and Yahoo!

This service is completely free but expect ads. If you love it and hate the ads, expect to pay for the privilege with their Premium version. No matter which variation you choose, this could well be a great app for personal productivity.

Remember the Milk

The Remember the Milk personal productivity app has been around for a good long while, and it has many devoted followers. Take the tour, you’ll need it, sign up for free, and then enjoy a multitude of features. You can manage your tasks, get reminded across a wealth of different platforms (email, text, MSN, Skype…), organise your lists according to your personal tastes, use the map to locate your tasks and share tasks with other people.

Actually I’ve barely touched on what it can do. I love this app. Beware, though, it will take you at least a few hours to get started and everything sorted out. However, those are hours well spent and you’ll see them come back to you thanks to your awesome organisation skills.


Dropbox has also been around for a while but over the past few months it has increased in popularity exponentially. Suddenly everybody’s talking about Dropbox. Essentially this serves as an online repository where  you can quickly plonk documents, videos, files and all sorts. Other people can then share this information, edit it, work from anywhere in the world to manipulate it, and so much more.

You’ll get 2GB for free but you’ll have to pay if you want to store more than that at any given point in time.

There are loads of other apps that will do all sorts of fabulous things for you and your PC, netbook and notebook, but give these three a try before you delve into the unknown. For one thing, all of these come highly recommended and they’re safe.

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