The Stunning U36 Ultra-Portable Notebook Launches In the UK

June 20th, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
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“Offering the perfect blend of power, portability and usability, this is one of the best ultraportable laptops we’ve seen for a while”

- What Laptop Gold Award. May 2011 Notebook Group Test

Media clearly love it, and given the comments when we previously showed it off here on Tech in Style, our readers can’t wait to get hold of one too. Good news then for our UK friends as the latest U36Jc has just launched there.

The ASUS U36S is the world’s thinnest notebook to harness the power of a standard voltage (i.e. not ULV) Intel® Core™ i5 processor. So, it combines the benefits of light, mobile and an extremely sexy thin design, without compromising on mobile performance.

The U36JC is a fantastic laptop; the slim, matt black body looks fantastic, the keyboard and screen are both great, and performance is unmatched in this weight category.” — Expert Reviews 5 Stars

ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, combined with NVIDIA graphics and its Optimus technology, saves power for when it’s needed to deliver up to 10 hours’ battery life. Although, as ever that depends on your battery option and usage. Still if you really need that extra bit of battery juice, the USB 3.0 ports can be disabled to conserve extra energy.

With an ultra-thin 19mm thin chassis made from a lightweight and strong magnesium alloy with a dirt-repellent coating, the U36Jc is not only practical, but it’ll survive the inevitable bumps and travel wear of a very mobile notebook.

The U36Jc is available now from Micro Anvika and very soon at Comet stores, priced at £699.

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It’s not often that an ultra-portable laptop has serious performance as well as mobility, but ASUS’ U36JC manages it.” — Computer Shopper Editors Choice (Best Buy Award)

One of the best ultra-portable laptops we’ve seen in quite some time” — Techradar

Best for battery life” —’s Best Ultra-Thin Laptops

The ASUS U36JC ultraportable laptop has lots of tangible benefits: good power from its second-generation Core i5 processor, lots of ports, and features like a quick start mode that lets you browse the web before you boot into Windows.” — PC Advisor

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  • Vishal

    Nice review.

  • Ben Puna

    I dont get it. Is this article about the U36JC??? Or was the U36S really released today?

  • Anonymous

    Yes this is the last gen JC. The UK is slightly behind on the release schedule.
    Actually the text is wrong – it states Second Gen Core i5. I will get the admin to change it now.

  • Ben Puna

    Got my hopes up! :( I was on the Asus Facebook page asking about it!

  • Ben Puna

    So has the U36JC only just been released in the UK?!?

  • Ben Puna

    I’d be pissed if I bought this in the UK! As there is a Sandy Bridge one coming!