The ASUS ESC1000 brings supercomputing to the desktop

January 5th, 2010 in .Desktop & All-in-one PCs
James Kidder
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The ESC1000 SuperComputer makes it obvious that ASUS is a company with grand ambitions.

To create this awesome workstation, ASUS engineers collaborated with Taiwan’s National Chaio Tung University. The result is a desktop supercomputer that employs hundreds of computing cores to produce processing speeds of up to 1.1 teraflops.

A teraflop amounts to one-trillion floating-point operations per second. Capable of 1.1 teraflops, the ESC1000 will prove a hugely valuable aid to scientific research, modelling of complex engineering projects, medical investigations and financial analyses.

Such raw power is possible because ASUS equips the ESC1000 with up to 968 computing cores. The 64-bit Intel Xeon W3580 processor zooms along at 3.33GHz, supported by up to three Tesla c1060 graphics-processing units and one Quadro FX5800, both from NVIDIA.

Perhaps surprisingly for such an incredibly powerful computer the design is rather sleek, with an attractive silver façade on a sturdy desktop case measuring 445 mm x 217.5 mm x 545 mm. Inside are a total of six memory slots, capable of accommodating up to 24GB of DDR3 (1,333MHz) RAM. There are also seven PCIe expansion slots and four hot-swappable 3.5in hard disk drive bays.

As well, ASUS designers have optimised the ESC1000’s design to reduce noise and dissipate heat efficiently, using a variety of advanced methods to keep this super-computer as environmentally friendly as possible.

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