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April 27th, 2010 in .News & Events
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Hot off the press – Barely an hour ago, the results of the annual Taiwan Excellence Awards were announced. For the seventh year in a row, ASUS earned the most number of awards, with a staggering final tally of 36.

For those unfamiliar with the Taiwan Excellence Awards (I’m going to go ahead and call it TEA, not just because it’s a catchy acronym, but because I’m craving for some), the awards recognise made-in-Taiwan products that rate highly in terms of innovalue, a self-minted term that cleverly encapsulates “innovation” and “added value”.

To put ASUS’ feat in perspective, it wasn’t up against a bunch of obscure, one-factory outfits that have just discovered the marvels of automation. We’re talking about established billion and million dollar juggernauts – instantly recognizable global brands – including the likes of Trend Micro, HTC and Giant.

This makes ASUS’ achievement hugely impressive indeed.

Of the 36 award winning ASUS products, one in particular deserves special mention: the ASUS EeeKeyboard PC. Why, you ask? Because it was awarded TEA’s top honour – the Gold award. The EeeKeyboard PC made a big splash when it was first unveiled at CES a year ago, and its victory here proves that the tsunami of interest it’s generated since then hasn’t petered out one bit.

The ASUS EeeKeyboard PC

News like this always brings a smile to my face because every time a company pushes its R&D, design, and manufacturing capabilities to the limit to snare awards, we – the consumers – win too.

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