Million Dollar Memo: G’day and good luck Goodmike!

August 10th, 2011 in .ASUS Design .News & Events
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Tourism Queensland sent out a Million Dollar Memo earlier this year to companies to invite them to compete for one million Aussie dollars’ worth of travel experiences to Queensland.

A video from the ASUS Design team made the grade and the company has been shortlisted as one of the 20 teams left to vie for top honours down under. ASUS representative Goodmike Tsai is off to Australia in a couple of weeks to take part in the Queensland Challenge Event held by Tourism Queensland.

All his bags are packed, he's ready to go

The 35-year-old was selected out of the five shortlisted candidates as he was considered to be passionate, charming, friendly, outgoing and open-minded. The judges believed he possesses the qualities that the company embodies and would be the ideal person to represent ASUS.

A User Experience Designer at the ASUS Design Center, Goodmike is responsible for defining and creating “human-centric” user interfaces. In a way, he helps craft the everyday experiences people have when using ASUS products.

“I am passionate about travelling and experiencing all realms of life. These passions build my character as I am keen to build relationships with people from all walks of life,” said Goodmike. “I always push for the extra mile with any task, I guess you could say I enjoy a good balance of fun and work and I do both really well.”

Dubbed by his peers as a “Man of Mystery”, the personable Goodmike’s charisma shines through in his introduction video submitted to contest organizers Queensland Tourism.

This self-confessed globetrotter and foodie used to keep a blog of his travels and culinary adventures, but have since stopped due to his busy schedule. Still, that does not keep him from sending out the occasional email pinpointing the best grub in Taipei.

For all his travels, Goodmike has yet to step foot on the land down under. He expects the challenges will revolve around the best Queensland has to offer, and believes they will involve individual and team-based activities relating to the sand and the surf, national parks and wildlife, and Australian culture.

Good luck Goodmike!

His colleagues at the ASUS Design Center even went as far as helping him prepare for his adventure. If he wins, ASUS takes home AUD$1 million worth of Queensland travel experiences, so it’s a case of having the hopes (and holidays) of his peers resting on his shoulders.

Ever the optimist, he’s upbeat about his chances. But if it falls through, he’s been told that dinner is on him. That’s not at all a bad deal for the rest of the team, given that he knows all the best joints in town.

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