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August 2nd, 2009 in .You Ask

Gogo Ubari

Enjoy all the comforts of a desktop PC without having to clutter up your working environment.

Name: Sandra Pollard
Age: 27
Location Derby
Job: Self-employed
Interests: I write short stories for women’s magazines and moderate an
internet forum for aspiring writers. As well as contemporary short fiction, I enjoy
Pre-Raphaelite art, English Romantic poetry and interior design

After moving to a smaller house, I’d prefer a smaller computer that I can move from room to room. The laptops I’ve seen are expensive and I don’t need to use a computer away from home (though the option to work outside would be welcome). What do you suggest?”
- Sandra Pollard

Eeeasy does it

ASUS has the perfect computer to suit Sandra’s circumstances: the Asus Eee Top PC. Though part of the Eee PC Series, it’s actually a desktop computer, but its slimline case measures just 48mm front to back. At just 4.3kg, it can be moved easily – there’s even a built-in handle!

Desktop computers normally involve a tangle of cables, but the Asus Eee Top PC has just one. The PC comes with an external keyboard and mouse but, because the 15.6″ screen is touch-sensitive, you can also control the mouse pointer with a fingertip or stylus. Its Intel® Atom™ processor is cool and quiet, making the Eee Top PC ideal for anyone who wants their computer to be seen but not heard.

If Sandra wants to use her existing monitor, there’s also the Asus Eee Box PC. This can be hidden away, or carried from room to room, and ASUS offers a battery-backed model that won’t lose power when unplugged.

Sandra will be happy to know that Asus Eee Top and Eee Box PCs are energy efficient, helping her to save between £105 and £155 a year over a normal desktop PC.

Our final suggestion is the Asus Eee PC 1008HA laptop. The 10″ screen and large keyboard make it very comfortable to use. Also, because it weighs just 1.1kg and has a five-hour battery life, you can take it anywhere.

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