Behind the Scenes at ASUS

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at ASUS and be first to check out new and upcoming technology, from laptops to all-new multimedia concepts at

Interview: Designing the Eee Pad Transformer Read »

We get behind the scenes and chat with the ASUS Design Center.


Designing the Vulcan ANC headset Read »

See behind the scenes at the designs that lead to the new ROG headset.


COMPUTEX 2011: ASUS Booth Tour Read »

As usual ASUS is showing off a whole wealth of tech on its booth at Computex 2011.


Discovering MeeGo: Expert Panel is Weds 25th! Read »

Chat with Henry Lin, Director of EeePC & EeePAD Software Planning


Behind the scenes of ASUS’ Taipei Design Center Read »

Posted January 30th, 2011 in .Behind the Scenes at ASUS .Technology Features

We get exclusive access to roam where no one else has before in ASUS’ Taipei Design Center!

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How ASUS Design Center keeps slim notebooks, cool Read »

Looking hard and deep into how and where we use our laptops, an obvious fact surfaces: the small, thin and lightweight dimensions matter a lot when we actually carry the thing around, in our hands or in our bags. When we sit down and open up the laptop to use, how thick or thin, light or heavy it is doesn’t really matter anymore. So how do we achieve a balance between compact size and effective heat ventilation?


Video interview with ASUS Design Center about it latest IRIS Project Read »

Hunter Luo, Senior Engineer at ASUS’ Design Centre talks about what the future holds for technology.


Investigating the new Dual Intelligent Processors 2 from ASUS Read »

Posted November 18th, 2010 in .Behind the Scenes at ASUS .Technology Features

We break down what’s in the latest Dual Intelligent Processors 2 innovation to see if it’s more than just a second iteration.


EPU and TPU Dual Intelligent Processors – What are they? Read »

Posted October 19th, 2010 in .Behind the Scenes at ASUS .Technology Features

ASUS latest development: its Dual Intelligent Processors are picked apart and detailed.


Stay TUF, Stay Sharp: Intel X58 gets the ASUS Sabretooth treatment Read »

ASUS’ Sabretooth X58 is backed up independent lab tests that tell us “damn this thing will work anywhere!”


Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs Revealed at IDF Read »

We follow details Intel released of its next generation platforms, at its Developer Conference in San Francisco recently.

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Why what you carry can tell us who you really are Read »

Posted September 16th, 2010 in .Behind the Scenes at ASUS

The things we carry around with us each day also play a part in our persona and how others perceive us — this may sound like some sort of social theory, but there are some practical design considerations attached to this idea.