Designing the Vulcan ANC headset

Matt Black
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We recently sat down with ROG and ASUS sound engineers who told us a little background detail about the new Vulcan ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) gaming headset, which has been in development for a little while now. The headset is primarily designed for pro gamers who LAN in large tournaments with rooms full of people. Without the luxury of a quiet house, listening for the nuances of game events is more difficult with hundreds, if not thousands of gamers sharing the same room. 

Vulcan ANC headset design

Vulcan ANC headset design

That’s where ANC benefits – by shutting out the background drone of PC fans, keyboards, mouse clicks and people gaming, it’s designed to provide your own domain of focus within the LAN environment. 

Here is the ROG Vulcan ANC in the designers own words: 

“The ROG Vulcan ANC was forged to cater to the needs of pro gamers who need to use headsets to become fully immersed in the gameplay without distraction. The ROG team researched and co-operatively designed the active noise cancellation to specifically cancel low frequency computer fan noise to high frequency human noise, to give gamers the complete focus they need of game-only sound. 


The persistent commitment of the ASUS ROG team promises to provide the leading performance gaming products merged with the excitement of gaming with a unique, stylish and gamer-focused design.” 


The Vulcan ANC’s come with a portable, protective carry case, durable cabling, an in-line volume control and a removable microphone for when it’s not needed. With a 40mm driver in each ear they should provide considerable – yet simple and accurate – aural punch. No fuss of “5.1″ in a headset. 

They have a frequency range even lower than human hearing (10Hz) to naturally generate bass in order to give sensation that’s felt, even when it’s not heard. 

The ROG guys claim that despite being battery powered it’ll last up to 40 hours on one AAA, and it weighs in at just 325g, but please don’t try to game for an entire battery life! 

If you’re interested in the Vulcan ANC or have other comments on gaming headsets, drop us your thoughts below.

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  • Vishal

    The design of Vulcan ANC looks nice and ergonomic.Noise cancellation is also great.40 hours battery backup on one AAA is also incredible.Protecting carrying case is also great for portability. 
    But its 5.1,its not fair,its also not dolby,disappointing.  

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, so I don’t need to purchase two or three to recharge the others if I want to keep playing? Brilliant! LOL

  • Anonymous

    With 5.1 in a headset it’s either virtualized or you get lots of small speakers (and no .1 bass) = impaired quality audio because you spend less money per speaker.

  • Vishal

    I want to know more about noise cancellation of Vulcan.
    How ANC works?,I mean its like other headphones(even high end headphone) with small and tight cushions and claims for noise cancellation.
    I’ve read some detailed review of Vulcan and I’m going to buy it.As I knew,its ahead in comfort and portability with little compromise in sound quality.I’ve a high end headphone for gaming,its sound quality is really great but its descent in comfort.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Vishal,

    I will ask the product manager if he has an example we can share to describe the ANC feature accurately for you! :-)

  • Vishal

    Thanks Nick.