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If you’re scrambling for something new to get for 2012 or maybe want to treat someone special to a cute and bubbly gift for Valentine’s, may I recommend some accessories?

Just like socks, one can never have too many bags and mice. Well, maybe you can, but then this would be an even shorter post. Anyway, my contacts at ASUS have reminded me that they’re gearing up for spring with decidedly colourful accessories for your laptop or other portable device of choice.

First up we have the Terra slim carry bags, which arrive in six different colours, some indeed earthy, some more pastel in nature. All of these bags have the same functional slim design, and can accommodate devices up to 16″ in size. They have straps that can tuck into the bag for dual sleeve or carrier use, and are made from shock and spill resistant materials.

Bags get lonesome without a mouse to accompany them on their travels. That’s just basic posting lore, didn’t you know? Ergo we get the UT210 series of very colourful mice, designed to match the Terra bags for a nice combo flourish. The UT210′s are compact and light, primarily aimed at laptop and tablet usage. They use 100dpi optics, so the resolution and response are quite good. Coffee shop tested and approved, as they say.

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about 2012 that’s making me especially spendy, so I may go for a bag and mouse mix. They’re always useful, and those rainbow-like colours look good.

Do you have any plans to acquire new accessories? Plus, my friends at ASUS are canvassing for new accessory ideas right now, so if you have any, just leave em in the comment section below!

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