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Such a simple concept yet so elegant…VariDrive is a new product from ASUS with a design that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s gazed upon the beauty of the ZENBOOK and other related products.


The style starts at the box!

VariDrive has the same treated metal texture with neat concentric circles and a premium, durable finish. This accessory has a brilliant  transformable design which uses a swivel base dock on which a slot-loading DVD combo drive is mounted.

With the cover off, the DVD drive portion of VariDrive is visible first

The external DVD drive reads at up to 8X, and writes at a max 24X. It’s just 15mm in profile, and weighs a mere 452g for the whole product, including the dock.

Even in this pic, you can tell just how slim VariDrive is

VariDrive’s unique transforming design means it can be placed vertically and horizontally, making it very easy to fit into any usage environment.

Viola! The dock section emerges!

All you have to do is twist the DVD portion around, and it aligns neatly with the dock section, creating a very slim and flat product. No dedicated power adapter is needed, as it works via USB, saving you even more space.

Closer look at the dock I/O section

The dock consists of three USB 3.0 ports (two on the back, one on the side), a Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) port, an HDMI port, and a VGA port. So, if you’re on a netbook, Ultrabook, or notebook (or even a desktop) and find yourself in need of extra ports, VariDrive is here to help.

The VariDrive tilt/swivel/transform design in action

Additionally, with many compact devices these days lacking an optical drive, this accessory is doubly useful – as you get instant access to a speedy DVD combo drive that’ll play and burn discs with plug n play ease.

Post-transformation, VariDrive's 15mm form factor lies flat and and neat

While cloud access and usability on the go are wonderful and definitely the shape of things to come, optical media still has its uses, and those extra ports are a boon.

Look into the Zen your mind...

VariDrive is a product I immediately took a liking to. Sure, I’d like ASUS to produce a Blu-ray version (seems likely to come along eventually), but the design is so pretty and smooth, it’s amazing. VariDrive is scheduled to be available mid-November, so check your local or online retailer for info.

On the side, we have the extra USB 3.0 port


Another look at VariDrive as it transforms! Can't get enough of that!



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