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I’ve always been a headphone guy, especially for gaming. Not everyone enjoys hearing the staccato of gunfire and the constant chatter of MP teammates. “Here’s a medkit!” or “Come get your ammo!” can be quite grating to the uninitiated after several hours. Whatever your genre, a good gamer is a considerate gamer and I personally believe that headphones are something any digital entertainment consumer must use. I don’t just game on headphones, I also listen to music and watch movies. The thing is, my headphones are of the generic disposition and the ROG Vulcan PRO set is about as anti-generic as they come.

Successor to the Vulcan ANC, the PRO edition has to be the most impressive gaming headset I’ve ever put my hands on. No bragging, no agenda, it’s really awesome. It feels as it the R & D Team thought of everything, with so many features I’ll probably confuse myself if I try listing them too quickly.

The Vulcan PRO offers battery-powered active noise cancellation that’s about 85% effective in blocking high-pitched and piercing noises. That’s very handy for tourneys and LAN parties, where the deranged screams of fellow gamers and ear-blasting pronouncements from overly-zealous emcees can be an issue. By the way, as ROG reminds us, this is the first instance of active noise cancellation that was designed specifically for games, with extensive testing in different genres, though the emphasis is the FPS. Even in passive noise cancellation mode, Vulcan PRO sits so tight you can barely hear anything. And by passive cancellation mode I mean simply putting the thing on your head, like this:

If only it came with face augmentation technology

Another thing to keep up front and center is the new ROG Spitfire USB device, which is basically a driver and install-free external digital audio processor (or sound card) that plugs in to your PC and boosts sound output. We’ll talk about it in more detail soon, but suffice it to say it does a better job than most onboard audio. For gaming events the quick setup and lack of install mean you get better sound by simply hooking up a USB connector.

Alrighty, let’s move on with the quick unboxing, shall we?

This is my box. There are not many like it, and this one is definitely mine.

The box has a very nice look to it with strong ROG colors and a very faithful render of the product and its accompanying ROG Spitfire DAC.  On the back we get some info on the main features:

"Every great product starts with a bullet point..."

Once open the fun really starts, and you can feel the quality of the entire package. They really did go all out on the Vulcan PRO, I have to say.

The snug fit starts here

Just like its Vulcan ANC ancestor, Vulcan PRO ships with a rugged touring case that will see it arriving safely wherever your travels take you. No more throwing that headset in a backpack and hoping for the best. The touring case uses nice materials that feel great, and while it may not be bullet-proof it certainly is tough. Here’s looking at it from two angles:

I just love this

Even the side looks cool

The touring case unzips, unveiling the goodness within:

Now that's packing it

Let’s clear some of the mess first…and when I say mess I’m really overstating it. Vulcan ROG uses an all-detachable design. The audio cable unplugs and has that auto-disconnect if you pull on it accidentally so that it doesn’t drag your desktop, or notebook,  to the floor. It’s also braided, which means that even if you’re one of those people who insist on scrunching up their headphone wires, it won’t tangle, crimp, or otherwise get bent out of shape. This is one tough cable, let me tell you and, of course, mic and volume controls are on there.

Headphone wire reading - the latest fad after tea leaves

ROG gives us a rubberised cable organizer to help things stay neat:

All in all another clip in the wall

And now to the headset proper. First thing to note: the foldable design, fits beautifully in the touring case, and saves space in any situation.

Modular design for the comfortable win

A quick and smooth snap-to and Vulcan PRO is fully deployed:

Now all that's missing is your head

Speaking of comfort, the headband is highly pliable so it doesn’t leave those imprints on your dome, and the ear cups have soft cushions with Japan-made protein leather and memory foam. All fancy terms, but they basically boil down to this thing being freakishly comfortable to wear. You won’t feel it even on one of those game till dawn binges, which may or may not be a good thing…

Put them on, you know you want to!

We now turn to the ROG Spitfire add-on. Like I said before, this is a USB-based external and very portable digital audio processor. It improves on the performance of plain vanilla onboard audio, and doesn’t need any setup at all. It also comes with three modes: FPS mode for better sound positioning in shooters, 7.1 virtual surround in case you want to simulate immersive audio, and amp mode. That last one instantly adds oomph to your headphones whenever needed. ROG Spitfire would stand quite nicely as a product on its own, to think ROG bundles it with Vulcan PRO is quite impressive.

A close look at the nifty ROG Spitfire

This is what ROG Spitfire looks like overall, with the USB cable and all:

Mobile audio firepower

Even the microphone is detachable and has a flexible build that feels solid at the same time. It’s definitely one of the better booms I’ve ever encountered on any gaming headset, and keeps the ROG colour scheme in place.

Ever had that detached feeling?

Plugging it into Vulcan PRO is simple:

Boss your teammates around with extra clarity

Inside the ear cups are capable 40mm neodymium drivers and the powered one has these connectors on the bottom, as well as the ANC on/off switch. Remember, you need batteries for active noise cancellation to work.

Mic port, audio cable port, and ANC switch - all your essentials

Another neat touch we should mention are the ROG-themed ear cup side plates, which are now made of durable metal, unlike the Vulcan ANC’s plastic finish. Like I said earlier, they really did think of everything here.

Full metal awesome

To illustrate the go-anywhere approach of Vulcan PRO, it comes with a nice airplane adapter. And with its superior insulation, you won’t disturb your fellow travellers even you’re on your G75 playing at full volume.

"Coffee, tea, headphones?" "Huh, no to that last one"

OK, this has turned into a rather lengthy “quick” unboxing, so I’ll just stop by saying this is a categorically spectacular audio product for gamers. It allows you to do the right thing and consider the comfort of others, while never compromising your own enjoyment. If you’re serious about personal gaming audio, and personal audio in general (it’s not like Vulcan PRO will refuse to play your music or movies or anything), then procrastinate no more!





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