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On our recent outing to ASUS HQ in Taipei, we had a nice session with Senior Engineer Jack Cheng. This guy is a general hardware aficionado, and knows more about tweaking gear than is probably healthy for a single person.

However, we learned a lot from Jack, who has an excellent way of conveying very complex overclocking concepts even to the likes of old Suds. Take a gander, shall we?

We coaxed him into providing a look at ASUS GPU Boost, a user-friendly interface that pushes graphics processors to their limits, something we’re especially fond of round here. Trust us when we say the guy is very busy cooking up new overclocking schemes, but we still managed to get him talking!

In the following vid, Jack explains just how easy it is to uncover hidden cores and more power on your CPU with ASUS’ exclusive Core Unlocker. 

He also went into detail regarding the ASUS Turbo Key II interface, which is an auto-tuning routine ideal for those still learning about overclocking.

Jack took additional time to elaborate on the balance of power consumption and performance, showing the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

There you have it folks, a report right from the trenches of overclocking and gaming, where we fight to make it even more hardcore. Stay tuned for more, cause it’s not overclocked until something smells like burning.*

*Tech in Style does not condone reckless overclocking. Please keep the laws of thermodynamics in mind when tuning.

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